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Be The Light!

Eureka Springs has approximately 2500 residents year round. As one would expect, living in a small town, as with any place, there are ups and downs. (...and I'm not referring to the stairs all over town.)

One of the five core values of this blog-site is "spreading joy and love." In Eureka Springs, most everyone does this in some unique way. This place does have a magic all it's own, no one is contesting that. But, as spectacular as this place is, people live here, people visit here and people are very complex creatures.

Most bring their best self (their higher energies) into situations. This post, however, is one specifically created for those that need guidance when the time comes to navigate the lower energies (in and around town) that some of our residents and visitors bring into situations.


Harboring anger and hatred toward anyone guarantees that you remain in low energy fields where problems will continue to crop up in your own life. Whatever may happen and whatever you decide, be in tune with yourself so that you do not fall into this trap.

Be sure to take time to examine EVERY relationship where you feel there are some thoughts of anger and hatred and replace those thoughts with acceptance, kindness and love. It takes some work to do this, but it does work.

To begin, you first must make a personal commitment to notice what you are feeling and then exercise your ability to choose to send LOVE.

It's as simple as that - just make the choice.

Love is powerful. Spread it around.

When your heart becomes pure, your enemy becomes your friend but even, more significantly, your teacher. Your worst enemies are your best teachers. They allow you to learn and transcend.

Hate, in my perception, is love energy going in the opposite direction. In thinking of it this way, it helps me to know that people who seem to be spewing hate are projecting their own, complicated feelings of being unloved. It is my job to introduce love into the situation.


Hate is debilitating.

How does a person send love to the problems that accompany the presence of hatred?

First and foremost, it is important to know that hatred and evil exists only in human minds. Any hate that you encounter comes from the minds of people who feel disconnected from God and the never-ending flow of love energy that exists in the world.

When you buy into another person's hatred, you also become disconnected. Again, do not fall into this trap.

Revenge, gloom, anger, retaliation, and all of the 'things' that you perceive as problems are merely mental constructs that you somehow allowed into your mind along your life journey. Un-think yourself away from thoughts of hate, revenge, anger and replace the space in your beautiful mind with thoughts of love and joy.

In short, hatred comes from those who feel hated in some way. So, here is how a person can send love to the problems that accompany the presence of hatred:

  1. Let people with hateful behaviors see that you personally have only love to give them. Ensure that your behaviors will not permit you to cross over into any energy of hateful behaviors.

  2. Remind yourself that God loves them unconditionally even though they cannot recognize that truth.

The hatred that is directed toward you is actually pain being exposed by the person who is experiencing it.

We are always one decision away from change at any given moment. Choose love when in the presence of hatred.

One of the most loving things you can do in response to hate is to silently send that person a blessing as you remove yourself from their lower energy field that they are directing toward you. Removing yourself from the scene allows you to maintain your strong connectivity to God and does not pull you toward the other person's energy field. This also allows the other person to have space to reflect on their own actions in private.

Do not be lured in. Make a choice to walk away. Maintain your high energy field and your connection to your higher self. "Silence is the magic bullet."


The idea that God could be punitive is inconsistent with spiritual awareness. It is a mistake of the ego to think that "God must punish you." God is not withholding. God will not condemn you and forgive you at the same time.

We all have the ability to correct any error by making a choice to bring love and truth to it.

The power of one is the power of love. Evil exists as the thought of non-good or non-God and then it is that thought which is acted upon. Everything, as we know it is of the one power that we call God!


Please remember the power and significance in the action of removal as a way of achieving a problem-free life. When you become a fighter of anything, you join forces with that which created the problem in the first place and further you become disconnected with your higher self - God.

When we put our collective energy in bringing kindness and love to bear on our differences of opinions, the need to resist ends.


We can sometimes find ourselves in conflict about our opinions of right and wrong.

When this happens to me, I work hard to remind myself that I cannot bring spiritual harmony into problem resolution as long as I accept the idea that one side is right and the other is wrong.

Letting go of judgements and simply finding a way of bringing non-judgemental harmony to a problem eliminates the ego's need to make someone wrong, which inevitably exacerbates the problem.

This is the most compelling lesson I have learned in my life about judgement - "when you judge another person, you do not define them, you merely define yourself as someone who needs to judge."

If judgement continues without seeking the source of the conflict within you, problems will continue unabated. Remember, your own level of powerful, spiritual energy is immediately raised to a higher frequency when you are able to resist that temptation to judge others as wrong and yourself as right.

If a person is judgemental toward you, be assured that this person is only sending out the judgement that he feels is directed at him. This is a good example of a person that believes that they are not loved. They tend to send out disagreeable and hateful energy. Make the choice to help them believe that they are loved.

True nobility is not about being better than anyone else, it is about being better than you used to be. Knowing that you have just as much to teach me as I to teach you affirms for me that I am not better than anyone. I learn from many different people every day of my life, and my most powerful, love-filled teacher, is myself, followed by my life-partner, Jeff.

By simply knowing him, loving him and learning from him, I have become a better man.❤️

Love each other all along the way.


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