• John-Michael Scurio

Espresso Yourself

There's a new place in town:

Eureka Springs Coffee House

11 North Main Street

Eureka Springs, AR 72632

This new coffee house has opened it's doors to Eureka after a four month renovation and design that completely transformed the former location into this cool new community coffee house that they long aspired to create.

Pictured below is what was the former 11 North Main shop. This location housed a very cool, eclectic, art gallery that featured local art, sculptures, unique custom design art, and a shop with custom skin care products and more.

I remember thinking that the artists are watching over the streets of Eureka every time I would see all the eyes looking out of the window into Eureka's downtown Main Street.

The many eyeballs are now gone, as is the art, sculptures and other products and the window now displays the brand logo and core values of The Eureka Springs Coffee House - eat | drink | love.

When I stopped in and met the delightful baristas, Lizzy and Adam, I was taken by their charm and kindness. It's clear that they have servant hearts and want to make a difference through their service to Eureka Springs. They have big hopes for this place as it evolves into what this brother and sister team, and their equally delightful parents hope it will be for Eureka Springs.

Will this be your new happy place?

This happy place has space for days and when I spoke with this family, they each deliver the same response when asked - "they wanted a place for all to gather and for community to come together." The shop is sure to become a hub in the community for music, poetry, art, literature, meetings, luncheons, and more as the have expressed intentions, in time, to also program the Coffee House to feature these experiences.

A small local retail area features local cards, gift boxes, t-shirts, coffee, books, and other cool, unique gifts.

The menu offerings are simple and satisfying. Croissants, sandwiches, pastries, and coffee of course! Onyx Coffee is on tap here and if you're not familiar with that coffee company, check them out here. Onyx has shops in Fayetteville, Bentonville and Rogers. Delish!

Old, antique doors line the ceiling of the entire place and some are also used to display images of Historic Eureka Springs on the walls.

Cool Edison light bulbs and modern, nautical lighting along with the use of wood throughout gives the coffee house a lakeside, sunny disposition especially when set against the blue, white, and yellow textures.

It makes you want to get a jolt of java and then hit the lake.

Our congratulations to Eureka Springs Coffee House for this wonderful accomplishment and a wam welcome to our beloved Eureka Springs. We're happy that you're now part of Eureka's never-ending history.

Come on in and espresso yourself at Eureka Springs Coffee House!



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