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Eureka Gras 2020 Is Coming!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler à

Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

2019 | The Eureka Gras Night Parade

Kings Day Kick-Off

Meet the Royal Court

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Center Stage, 132 Huntsville Road, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 (on Hwy 23 South)

Attire: In the style of Mardi Gras.

Be Colorful, Fun, Blingy and Creative.

The King’s Day Kick-Off Party is the first event to open Eureka Springs Mardi Gras season; or as we like to call it - Eureka Gras!

The Royal Court will be introduced and this event will culminate into the announcement of the new 2020 King and Queen of Eureka Gras.

King & Queen | 2019

This event is open to the public and Royalty will lead everyone in a traditional New Orleans-style *second line.

*Second line is a long time tradition in brass band parades in New Orleans, Louisiana. The "main line" or "first line" is the main section of the parade, or the members of the actual club with the parading permit as well as the brass band. Those who follow the band simply to enjoy their music are called the "second line". The second line's style of traditional dance, in which participants walk and sometimes twirl a parasol or handkerchief in the air, is called "second lining".


Debut of the 2020 Royal Court

King Krazo XV and Queen Eureka XV to be announced

Complimentary Munchies

Drinks (Happy Hour prices)

Royal Court will lead the second line



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