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Find Your Josh In The Journey

After a year of living in Eureka Springs, AR, this weekend, June 21, 22, 23, 2019, Jeff, Kirby and I welcomed our first visitor to this beautiful place. Josh Neely. our beloved friend from Dallas, TX.

Josh is one of those friends that truly embraces Joy.

Josh looks for Joy in the Journey and he loves meeting new people and being around creative, talented, musical, artistic, free-spirited folk that show their love and like to have fun.

I mean, WHO DOESN'T?

Josh brought so much energy and so much joy. He met some of our local friends and after he departed on Sunday, June 23, 2019 in the monsoon of rain that fell all over this area, he was already planning his next visit to Eureka Springs, AR where he will continue to find his joy in the journey.

Josh, our friend, this post is for you.

JOSH, John-Michael and Sophie at Eureka Live

Peruvian Hats on sale at Nelsons on Spring Street. #wedidnotbuythem #JefflookslikeCocoPeru

Kirby with Uncle JOSH

Jeff, John-Michael and JOSH at Eureka Springs Clothing Company on Spring Street #love

Josh is wearing his new LOVE shirt and new hat that says "That's a terrible idea, I'M IN."

When Josh arrived at 10pm on Friday, June 21, 2o19, we hit the ground running . . . we whisked him away to Eureka Live (our local nightclub) and we all had a blast meeting some of our local friends. Later, in a spontaneous burst of late-night additional fun, we tripped the troupe up East Mountain to our backyard, landing in our Stone Garden where we built a fire pit that lasted hours.

It was such a wonderful night.

Jeff, JOSH, John-Michael w/Kirby, Sophie, Matt, Shannon and Patty #spontaneousFUN #ended@5 #firepit #fireflies

Jeff, John-Michael "Anything Is Possible" and JOSH at Wanderoo Lodge in Eureka Springs, AR

As the weekend came to a close, I connected with another local resident, Jodi Breedlove.

She and I talked about how short this life is and how quickly things can change in an instant. We both talked of how simple it is to just enjoy all of the things around us and to be grateful for it all.

It really IS that simple.

In Eureka Springs, it's easier than simple. It really is.

I explained how, in my profession, Human Resources, I often find myself giving advice (often unsolicited) - telling employees to "embrace the moment, and, if it's still not appealing, for whatever reason, you're just one decision away from change. JUST ONE!"

We are all in control - if we choose to take control.

Josh made a wonderful decision to come visit Eureka Springs for the very first time in his life and he brought his best self, his joy, along with tons of fun and excitement.

We all need more Josh!

We all need more Joy!

Find your Josh in the Journey!

We're grateful for you, Josh. Keep living your joyful life.

JM, Jeff, Kirby


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Words will never be enough, but I’ll try! Rain represents new growth, so what a fitting thing to happen during my visit. I for sure will be back, I already need S’more of you all!!!

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