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I Love My Life

JM & Jeff, Eureka Springs, AR

Love has such a capricious nature. Some say it's a bird. It feels innocent until you see the darker side and realize that it's also a beast that must be tamed.

Love feeds on love, fueling the fire within. I'm attracted to the heart - it is the voice of the soul. Also, to the cornerstones of the soul: kindness, humility, integrity, and loyalty all built on a foundation of trust.

I'm obsessed by all things romantic.

This week, my partner Jeff said something to me while we were sitting in our stone garden together one evening, enjoying a fire pit as the wind shook the leaves from the trees at twilight.

He said, "I Love My Life."

These words have been in my mind every since he said them. In my thirteen years with Jeff, he always, always responds to my sweet nothings with the phrase, "I just want you to be happy."

Hearing him say these four words, "I Love My Life" makes me beyond happy. It wasn't just the words, it was the way in which he conveyed them to me, the scene around us, the genuine tone in his voice, the love, the fact that we're here in Eureka Springs and nestled in this beautiful Bavarian home in the woods, downtown. The fire pit roaring. The trees singing. It was very romantic.

He took my attention from from everything around us - the crackling fire, the wind, the falling leaves, the beautiful Basin Park Hotel as it started to turn on it's lights for the evening and he looked right into my eyes and he said, "I Love My Life."

This moment will stay in the memory files of my mind for all eternity. It fuels my heart daily now. It was (and will remain) one of the most lovey memories that I will always carry with me, forevermore.

To any partner, when one conveys genuine joy and happiness, the other can't feel anything but elated. It's an achievement that we achieved together and this is a special, special chapter for us and we both know it and feel it everyday.

It's just so special to hear these words from the one you love the most.

I've said it before, and I will say it again, Eureka Springs is a vortex. It is said that Eureka Springs was founded on sacred ground. So venerated were the waters of Eureka, warring tribes could not fight at the springs. For hundreds of years, the area now known as Basin Spring provided a peaceful gathering place for visiting tribes.

Eureka's spring waters were never tested by modern methods, but many historians agree on their legitimate healing power. Perhaps it was the water. Perhaps it was the welcoming climate and the fresh mountain air. Perhaps the hopeful beliefs of the afflicted inspired cures by faith alone.

Modern-day mystics say Eureka Springs is an Earth vortex, a rare and powerful planetary center where body, mind and spirit are aligned. Even the most practical folks often say they were drawn to Eureka Springs by an unspoken, inner knowledge. All too often you hear of visitors coming for a visit and staying for a lifetime; all say that they knew Eureka Springs was where they ought to be.

We have no rational explanation for the mysterious powers in these Ozark hills. In speaking from my personal experience, when you visit here, you continue to be drawn back here until eventually you are here. Happy here.

The power that drew our ancient ancestors lives on and Eureka Springs has long been a place of awe and wonder, a joyful place where legends are born. Come and experience the energy and mystery of Eureka Springs for yourself. Be healed, be renewed, become a part of the energy that makes us love life. This is where you ought to be.

I Love My Life Partner!

I Love My Life!


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