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Is our very own Eureka Springs an Earth vortex?

Lets start by first understanding the concept of a vortex and what a vortex is.

Vortexes, or vortices, like in Sedona, Arizona, are reported to promote a sense a well-being to those that are in tune with its energies. Other types of vortex locations in the world include, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, areas with crop circles, centers of UFO activity, paranormal activity and places that act as doorways to the afterlife or other dimensions.

This is a list of what people report after visiting a place with vortex-energies.

Well-being & Rejuvenation



Spiritual awareness

Energy flow

Electricity flow


Emotional healing

Physical healing

Intense emotions

Spiritual awareness


Sense of self/inner being




Universal Connection

Paranormal activity

Crop circles


There are reasons one might consider that a vortex exists in Eureka Springs. First, it is located in the mystical Ozark Mountains. In addition, there was a very famous healing spring, as well as radioactive springs and a even a spring that people claimed magnetized any metal object. Today this Spring is called Magnetic Spring located on Magnetic Road.

It is said that Eureka Springs was founded on sacred ground.

So venerated were the waters of Eureka warring tribes could not fight at the springs. For hundreds of years, the area now known as Basin Spring provided a peaceful gathering place for visiting tribes.

The first white settler to "discover" the healing springs is reputed to be Dr. Alvah Jackson, who used the healing waters to cure his son of an eye ailment in 1856. The waters were used at "Dr. Jackson's Cave Hospital" to care for combatants during the Civil War and, following the war, Dr. Jackson set up a brisk business selling "Dr. Jackson's Eye Water."

Once Upon a Time. . .

A Sioux Princess suffered from an eye affliction which had taken away her sight. The young girl bathed her eyes in the waters of Basin Spring, and within a short time her eyesight was fully restored. Her people were overjoyed, and they told the story far and wide until it reached the ears of the first white men exploring the region.

Eureka's miraculous cures remained a local marvel until 1879 when the doctor's friend and hunting companion Judge J.B. Saunders was cured of a crippling disease by a visit to Basin Spring. The Judge subsequently put his considerable influence behind promoting the Springs to friends and family throughout the state of Arkansas.

Photos from the late 1800's depict small crowds gathered at the springs partaking of the "liquid cure" from jugs, tin cups and ladles. A bottling operation was quickly set up to capitalize on this new cure and the present-day Ozarka Water label, now bottled by the Perrier Group, can trace its company history to early Eureka Springs entrepreneurs.

Later, Victorian citizens decked in their finery boarded rail cars destined for Eureka Springs. Local trolleys headed for the early bath houses and soon the town became a magnet for the spa treatments that continue to be a big part of the culture in Eureka even to this day.

Many miraculous cures were reported in newspaper testimonials of the era. Eureka's Springs were credited with amazing feats -- from curing dreaded disease, to magnetizing all metal that passed through the stream of "Magnetic Spring."

Eureka's spring waters were never tested by modern methods, but many historians agree on their legitimate healing power. Perhaps it was the water. Perhaps it was the welcoming climate and the fresh mountain air. Perhaps the hopeful beliefs of the afflicted inspired cures by faith alone.

Modern-day mystics say Eureka Springs is an Earth "Vortex," a rare and powerful planetary center where body, mind and spirit are aligned. Even the most practical folks often say they were drawn to Eureka Springs by an unspoken, inner knowledge. Some come for a visit, some stay for a lifetime; all say that they knew Eureka Springs was where they ought to be.

We have no rational explanation for the mysterious powers in these Ozark hills. In speaking from my personal experience, when you visit here, you continue to be drawn back here until eventually you are here.

The power that drew our ancient ancestors lives on and Eureka Springs has long been a place of awe and wonder, a joyful place where legends are born. Come and experience the energy and mystery of Eureka Springs for yourself. Be healed, be renewed, become a part of the energy. This is where you ought to be.


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