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June, Lovely June!

June has evolved into a lovely month over the years. I've come to absolutely love June because June is quickly taking the lead as the new month of LOVE (ahem ... move over February!)

All through the month of June, love is celebrated far and wide across the globe as human beings embrace each diverse corner of the human race. "Variety is the spice of life."

The mindset: I'm not like you, but that's ok. I still like you anyway.

Here in Eureka Springs, our tiny, mountain town of 2166 (according to the 2020 census results) we have all walks of life. The diversity of our residents often far exceeds the thousands of visitors that flock here. Proudly, Eureka Springs is diverse everyday.

I call it radical inclusion. We welcome and love everyone.

In the images that follow, please enjoy how our little slice of Heaven on Earth shines in the face of diversity. We may be a small town in America, but we are mighty and we live each day from a place of love and inclusion - not fear and exclusion.

Love one another.

Love is love.



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