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Kristine W at THE AUD on August 5th!

From almost the time she could walk, Kristine W was singing in church, talent contests and local Oprys. She learned to play guitar and piano from her grandmother and took up alto saxophone at seven years old to help her with her scat singing and improvisation. She would ride her bike around her hometown of Pasco, WA searching out classic jazz albums at yard and garage sales. “I studied with jazz coaches and was in all the jazz choirs, church choirs and in R&B groups. Won all the local talent contests and then went to Seattle and Portland and Spokane and beat them all there.”

Well, Kristine W. is now headed here, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

It is with great excitement that Out In Eureka announces that the Eureka Springs based band, Fossils of Ancient Robots. have been personally selected by the "Queen of Dance Music", Kristine W to be the opening act for her show on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at THE AUD.



August 5, 2023

Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8:30pm Tickets:

So how did a ranch-raised small-town girl from rural Washington State end up as “the most soulful vocalist in dance music, period,” according to All Music Guide? Kristine credits Donna Summer for instilling the love of dance into her. “She had that big gorgeous voice,” says Kristine of the late disco music pioneer and superstar. “Her voice sounded almost like gospel to me. It was dance with the big background vocals and the layered harmonies. She was everything I would aspire to.”

Kristine W has made a career by focusing on the art and profession of being a singer, songwriter and musician. She enjoys a grassroots mutual affection with fans who revere her voice, appreciate how the aspects of life and emotions she sings about echo their own feelings and experiences.

Named by Billboard Magazine as the #8 Greatest Dance Artist of All Time and the #3 greatest from the Last Decade (trailing only Madonna and Beyoncé), Kristine W has proven herself a lasting talent.


Formed in 2009, our very own Fossils of Ancient Robots is fun, synth based pop music at its core but with shades of Dark Wave, metal, R&B and indie-rock. Their sound isn’t stuck in one genre but there are unifying stylistic elements throughout.

Songwriter and producer Caleb Lindsey has credits ranging from making beats for Hip Hop artists such as Johnny Polygon to producing multiple albums with folk acts like Chucky Waggs & the Company of Raggs, Red Oak Ruse, Mountain Sprout, and others. Most recently he has been working with and producing/engineering the latest album for the Dark/SynthWave band and Cold Transmission recording artist, White Mansion.

All of these elements come together to form the sound that can only be described as Fossils Of Ancient Robots. The band has developed a reputation for playing marathon live shows known for being an energetic, visually exciting performance with a synced, programmed light show that adds to the immersive quality of the experience.

Vocals/Guitar/Synths - Caleb Lindsey Vocals/Guitar/Synths - Jesse Anderson Bass Guitar/Vocals - Riley Ellis


Fossils Of Ancient Robots

Out in Eureka is the official site providing more information for all three Diversity Weekends celebrated in Eureka Springs, Arkansas annually. Check it out and be sure to come back for more!


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