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Live An Enhanced Life

I have once heard it said that only miserable people live a very long life because to them 24 hours feels like a thousand years.

Constantly checking the clock, those that are consistently miserable often feel that the day is far too long, the week drags on, and the month never seems to end.

For joyful people, fully connected to their soul within as well as their life experience outside of them, 24 hours feels like a flash of time that speeds by them very quickly. To them, and before they even have a chance to look around, it's over. If you live and experience a primarily joyful life, and you live for, say, 85 years, it feels like a few fleeting moments happened to you and then - poof! - it's gone.

Human beings have a penchant for knowing what the future holds; wanting to hold a microscope into the future and predict what is to come. Let's call the Psychic hotline or get our fortune told.

Isn't it absolutely wonderful NOT to know what will happen next? How else can a person actually revel in the experience of living if they know what will happen before it actually happens?

Life, for a human being, is about expending certain amounts of energy at certain times. It's not limitless, but it can certainly enhance a person's life tremendously.

Here is a prime example of what I mean:

One man lives and functions at a maximum level of energy for one year and he accomplishes ten years worth of profound life experiences. Another man lives and functions at a minimal level of energy for ten years, and he accomplishes one year's worth of life experience in those ten years.

So if both men live to be 100 years of age, in terms of impact and profound life experience, one has lived for 1000 exceptionally enriching years, and the other has lived for 100 miserable years experiencing the ups and downs of life at half (50 years) the rate of his entire lifespan. (100 years.)

Yes. We are American's, Canadians, Italians, Portuguese, Africans. Yes. We are.

But not first.

First, we are mortal.

Fundamentally, this means, we have been given a life that is specifically about our choices to spend our given time and energy. Each human being has the individual task of making something out of their own personal time and energy.

Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard is such an inspiration to me. He is an American speaker, author and mixed martial arts athlete, known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics. He's done more with his time and energy without limbs than most men with all of their limbs.

The second man, in our example, lowered his faculties, and therefore lowered his energy and as a result - lived a miserable life. Was it alcohol abuse? Other chemicals? Laziness? Fear? What actions did he take to live life at such a minimal energy level during his limited time here?

If you want to live an enhanced life, you MUST follow in the footsteps of the first man, in our example. In contrast, he super-enhanced his faculties by managing the greatest chemical factory in existence -- the human body. Was he a runner? Did he master the art of clean eating/nutrition? Was he a tenacious disciplined guy? Was he a non-smoker? Did he meditate? Did he partake in drugs?

If you are a good manager of your given human body, you can create any experience that you want from the inside out and thereby heighten the management of your faculties which will, in turn, allow for a much more enhanced life experience - 1000 exceptionally enriching years worth, even.

Unfortunately, today in the world, statistics show that over 80% of human beings that have arrived at the last hours of their life exhibit a look of bewilderment. They're not fearful. They're not in pain. They're bewildered.

This is believed that because through the majority of their life they lived deep inside their mind - with their thoughts and with their emotions; and, yet, here they are, bewildered that they never really LIVED.

Ponder this:

It is believed that there is a psychological reality in the mind of every human being as well as existential reality (which is real life.) Most human beings mistake their psychological reality to be existential. It is not!

For many people, their psychological reality has become more significant than the Universe.

The stories in our head, what we tell ourselves, what we believe, how we think, what we feel has become more important than experiencing this small blip of time and energy given to us as mortals.

People will actually choose NOT to participate in something because the existence of it will never be as invigorating to them as the psychological experience playing out in their mind. This means, as human beings, we are making our personal, individual, psychological creations more significant than the larger existential creation (the Universe.)

Remember, we're all here, as one human race. By making the most of living the existential experience through your five given senses, you are enhancing your life.

You may think that your spirit is in your body, when actually, your body is in your spirit.

Stop wasting your time and energy. Act now.

Be. Go. Do.



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