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Mark Your Calendars: The Hills Are Alive!!

Hillberry - The Harvest Moon Festival, is back at The Farm from October 4 - 8, 2023.

Nestled in the beautiful Ozark Hills, The Farm is a campground & concert/event venue near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It sits on 160 acres that backs up to Mark Twain National Forest.

It's absolutely gorgeous!

The Farm offers year-round camping with electric and water hook-ups. There is a general store (but do come well-prepared for camping because this store ONLY has the basics.) There is a shower/bathroom house onsite as well - but my personal preference is taking a dip just a few miles away in Beaver Lake.

If you want also venture out and get active, there is a Championship Disc Golf Course on the property as well along with a 3-mile mountain bike course that covers some beautiful, rocky terrain.

Local TIP: The (blue ribbon) Kings River, a world class Smallmouth Bass fishery, is 12 miles from The Farm.

Beaver Lake (my perfect spot to dip into nature) along with Table Rock Lake and the White River are all within 5 miles of this location. The White River (btw, it's freezing cold) offers the region’s best Trout Fishing but it's the canoeing that is quite popular and I've even done it a couple of times myself and it's really incredible.

Here's what I mean -- just when you start to feel like you're sweltering from the overhead sun bearing down upon you, you realize that the water below you is freezing, so dip your hand into it and drip drops all over your neck, face and head.

It feels like Heaven!

Me and my friends now refer to The White River as nature's A/C and in the dead-heat of summer, a lovely, immersive canoe trip can do wonders for a person.

Also, please know that Beaver Lake is very well known for its big Striped & Largemouth Bass - so go get you some.

The spectacular Farm itself sits about 9 miles outside of historic (so very well-preserved, you won't believe it at first) downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Today in 2023, there is a wide variety of shopping, art, music and other nightlife entertainment in the downtown core - all not to be missed, of course, if you do come to experience Hillberry!

When people talk about The Farm, they usually talk about their overall, personal experience: the people they met, the fun, the memories, the bands, and other things - like the quiet, shy guy that works at their office in Fayetteville who was rockin' out.

Rarely, do I hear discussions about the production values of the stage, bands or the overall show itself.

Well, here's where I will take the liberty to utilize my (well-earned) Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in Musical Theatre -- -- -- musically and technically, this place is incredible. Aside from the remarkable talent that they book, the lights, sound and production team are entirely WOW!

You will not be disappointed.

Typically, the music lovers, patrons and visitors occupy the acreage for all three nights and this particular festival is now recognized as one of the top Bluegrass Festivals in the Midwest as it draws thousands upon thousands of people each year ... so if you want to experience the full monty -- -- plan to camp and enjoy the music as well as stargazing, firepits, friends, food & craft vendors along with the awesome energy 0f this famous harvest moon festival FOR ALL THREE NIGHTS.

Lastly, The Farm also offers unbelieveable 360-degree panoramic views of the heart of the Ozarks.

In addition to being a campground, this venue also hosts other multi-day music festivals, concerts, food competitions and much more -- so being here for Hillberry 2023 will be a special experience.

All this said, do your very best to plan, book and attend. Click below to start your (very-memorable) journey to the hills . . . . . .



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