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Not so funny when it's sunny...

Summer 2019 is here and the sun is HOT!

The majority of sunscreen damage occurs for most before the age of 18 when we were children and we used to spend hours outside without the proper use of sunscreen.

Today, especially in beautiful Eureka Springs, many of us still spend hours outside hiking, kayaking, floating the river, zip-lining, shopping, and more ... all without the proper use of sunscreen. Take in these three cool ideas and beat the heat.


In Arkansas, men have beards, big bushy beards and often times, they sport these furry fellas all summer long and even all year long. Here's a hack that might help. As many of you may know, creams and lotions get stuck in beards and can turn him quickly into a gloppy looking ghost. Furthermore, if the cream gets stuck on bushy arm hair, chest hair or leg hair, the dude could end up looking downright crazy. So here's a good hack for that Sasquatchy Dude in your life. Go get some protection that goes on very easily and dries quickly.

Bullfrog Land Sport Quik Gel is the stuff.

One online shopper review said...

"Best Sunscreen EVER!
This sunscreen is the best ever. Bull Frog brand will not leave you streaked and it protects unlike any I've ever used. If you don't want to get sunburned, this is the go-to product!"
Buy it at


Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, founder of Entiere Dermatology in NYC believes that two of the most important things when it comes to ideal (and safe) sun protection are (1) protective clothing and (2) a thick brimmed hat.

At, their mission is: Sun protection is our sole purpose. That’s why they custom design, produce and offer technically elegant styles in proprietary fabrics that block 98% of UVA/UVB rays. As trusted experts in sun-safe apparel and accessories, the Coolibar team knows the more you’re covered, the more you’re protected, and the more you’ll enjoy a worry-free life outside.

Coolibar is the only brand offering guaranteed UPF 50+ clothing and accessories for every part of your life, from swim to soirée, fitness to fishing and everything in between. Coolibar is effortless sun protection you wear, because wherever our clothing overs your skin, you’re UV protected.


Big bad sunburns often happen when sunscreen isn't reapplied. People just often forget about doing it on time, a second time . . . or third, depending on how long you're exposed outside in the sun. Here's a trick that may help - look for ways to keep sunscreen and sun protection conveniently located.

Keeping sunscreen, lotions, moisturizer, etc. in a reachable basket while your cooling in the pool is a simple, convenient idea. Having a cute side-table on your porch with a drawer or cabinet door that hides the sunscreens and lotions is another creative idea.

For the ladies, toss Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Sun-on shield SPF 50 into your purse, beach bag, gym bag, glove compartment or pool-side clutch and you're guaranteed to have effortless sun protection wherever you go.

OK, all of you Freakin' Eurekans far and wide, Summer is heating up out there, so please take a moment to get prepared and seek out some necessary sun protection that is just right for you (and your family) at these cool websites.

Stay haute, by following these HOT tips this summer.


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