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Shop Small: We Create Eureka Springs!

Eureka Springs is a wonder.

This is entirely so because of the thousands upon thousands of human beings that made their mark here. Maybe it was a visitor that spent hours outside painting the mountainsides in our First Annual Plein Air Event, maybe it is that resident that strums their guitar while guests enjoy dinner in a fine restaurant during Jazz Weekend or that Chef preparing your delicious meal at Valentine's Day.

Since the 1880s, Eureka Springs has captivated human beings from all walks of life and this place is the embodiment of co-creation. With each new idea each person has, the art of co-creation takes flight.

We create Eureka Springs!

Holiday Season is upon us. As you may know, Eureka Springs comes alive in winter wonder and takes on another seasonal persona for our enjoyment.

As this blog takes flight making it's mark on the co-creation of Eureka Springs, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage this thought and ask everyone to consider spreading this same sentiment and practice forward over the coming months.

Let's all buy our Winter Holiday gifts and goodies ONLY from our small local businesses here in Eureka Springs. We create Eureka Springs and we support our own community.
As Winter Holidays approach and your shopping begins, buy from your neighbors who create and sell.
We have so many talented locals.
In Eureka Springs, our shops sell books, clothes, flowers, personal care products, art, jewelry, toys, furniture, antiques, mementos, baked goods, food, beverages, spices, quilts, crafts and much more.
Make it an experience when you shop. Enjoy a hot chocolate from a local cafe or coffee shop. Take in the decorations around town, in the park and in the hotels. Show community support and make the decision to spend your money in Eureka Springs this Winter Holiday Season and SHOP SMALL.
We create Eureka Springs!

Thank you.


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