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Uniquely Eureka!

In the true spirit of "walking the talk" art students collaborated together recently to create a new, impactful mural to welcome visitors to Eureka Springs High School.

Here on this blog, you've heard me say it time and time again - Eureka Springs is radically inclusive and this story explains further what this actually means and just how this is weaved into the culture of this place.

Hats off to the parents and teachers . . .

The parents and teachers of this beautiful place teach their kiddos and students to be inclusive of all and in this way, they, too, walk the talk.

This mural, designed by art students at the High School, was recently unveiled this month, April 2022. As you can see from the image, it depicts the phrase “Uniquely Eureka,” signifying diversity both in our community and at Eureka Springs High School.

Art Teacher Jessica Cummings should be highly commended for using her talent and artistry to teach students about the importance of a radically inclusive approach to living life.

Here's what Cummings said to the Carroll County News:

“It’s all about inclusion,” Cummings said. “The kids here really recognize that Eureka might be a little different than a lot of high schools. Almost everyone is friends with everyone, they don’t break off into cliques and groups like we hear is happening elsewhere. “We have students that move here, and they point that out, that as a school we are much more inclusive than where they came from. We wanted this to show that Eureka Springs High School accepts all kinds of kids, and we all work and play together.”

What I personally continue to love about Eureka is that the people here (even our young students) recognize that this is a place that is different than most other places. What's more, we don't take that for granted. As a community, we continue to foster the idea that we will always be different and we will always work together as a community at what makes us different. Together, we forge ahead and live 'that.'

So what is 'that?' What does it mean to be radically inclusive?

Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs,Arkansas

I don't usually get preachy on this blog, and I have no intention of doing so now, but with Easter weekend upon us, as I write this post, I feel that I must reference Jesus, when I speak about inclusion for all.

Jesus was the ultimate liberal who resisted the status quo of oppression and showed us the way to the abundant life God intends for all people. As with Jesus, inclusion is to live with the genuine understanding that we do not exclude ANYONE for ANY REASON just because they are different than we are.

With each passing season, Eureka Springs welcomes ALL -- Harley bike riders, artists, musicians, hippies, cowboys, clairvoyants, academics, authors, brides, the LGBTQIA+ community and, of course, church-going-folk, to name just a few...

I don't personally consider myself to be "church-going-folk" but I am a spiritual person. Easter weekend is often a time that reminds me of my strong spirituality and my ability to control how I choose to move forward in my life.

I am so proud that I chose to move forward from here - Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

After living here for nearly four years, (this June 2022, marks 4 years) nothing about Eureka Springs to me exhibits exclusion. This place has a magic about it that makes you connect with the people, the culture, the natural beauty and the life experience that it is - everyday.

In one of my favorite blog posts ever, I speak more about this very topic. Please check out, It's All Drag using this link.

I think we can all agree that one of the coolest things about life is variety. Cliche to say this, but it does "spice" things up, wouldn't you agree?

I love the spice of life and I love variety. There is so much to experience and some of the best things about our life experiences simply come from meeting each other and the unique qualities we each bring to our connections.

In, The Beautiful People of Eureka, I explain that Eureka Springs IS what it is today because of the people here.

The people here "walk the talk." We say we're different, and we are. We say we're radically inclusive, and we are. We say we welcome all, and we do.

Life would be so incredibly different if we were all the same. It boggles my mind that people don't get that especially because it takes so much effort to hate, judge, rise up against and protest others that do not move forward in this life in the same way, the 'right' way, or in a similar way as we do.

It takes little-to-no effort to just be kind, peaceful and respect/love each other for who they are.

This little slice of Heaven on Earth has captured something special, and it makes me so proud to say that we walk the talk in Eureka Springs because we do. Huge kudos to our parents and teachers that guide our youth forward everyday. Please continue to teach (and preach) radical inclusion. They are the future and the world will be a better place, because we all made it so.❤️

Live Your Best Life!


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