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2021 Is Over, Under The Big Top!

If you need a place to ring in the New Year, THE BIG TOP is open in Eureka Springs, AR!

Missy & John Harwood and their incredible crew at the one and only, Missy's White Rabbit Lounge, in the heart of town will host a New Year's Eve Party that will kick 2021 swiftly to the curb. (NO COVER)

The Bad Jacksons, a.k.a. Kenny Ray Jackson and Jackson Gibson will serve as the Masters Of Mayhem for this incredible party that will deliver 2022 in style.

Kenny Ray Jackson and Jackson Gibson @Missy's

A very special duo to our town, these two fine musicians know how to capture an audience and tear up a room. They will keep you wanting more. The Bad Jacksons have been musically paired for nearly seven years and Kenny Ray says, "when we're doing our thing in Eureka Springs, we're cabaret singers. Jackson is a piano WIZ and I like to hold glasses of wine and drink & sing at the same time and entertain folks. So, it is kind of a cabaret act but we do everything from Ray Charles to Ozzy Osbourne."

Madi Miller |

What's great about this style of show is that both artists show intrigue and interest in the vinyl era of music (60s, 70s) which, as everyone knows, appeals to most every generation in some, unique way.

Here is Madi Miller, a twenty-something fashion & lifestyle blogger from Texas that visited Eureka Springs for a weekend in March 2021 and wrote all about the experience on her site -

She raved about Missy's White Rabbit Lounge and posed for a picture with The Bad Jacksons in the background doing their part wildly entertaining the full crowd.

"I highly recommend stopping here!! I think we went 3-4x during our one weekend trip. Great service, great entertainment, and great patio. Bad Jackson was the local entertainment when we were there. We stayed the whole 3 hours of their performance, so much fun! Full disclosure: we started our bar hop at Missy’s and STILL ended up at Missy’s at the end of the night! By far the best in town." -Madi Miller,

I can see Madi loving Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles and this is exactly the kind of inspirational sound that brings The Bad Jacksons to life. This travelling piano lounge duo takes on all our favorite tunes from artists like Pink Floyd, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and many more. Their smooth and seamless delivery of these timeless classics, hits of the 70s as well as new, original material has made them a must-see staple of the Eureka Springs music scene for both visitors and locals alike.

This party is going to be a night of truly magnificent moments that you won't want to miss! Missy, John and their talented crew always serve up some extraordinary cocktails but coupled with the music of The Bad Jacksons, the party is bound to take you to a magical place filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Make The Moment

C'mon, EVERYONE loves a circus and this theme party will bring one to life right here in Eureka Springs. Live life unapologetically and toss away your inhibitions, this celebration will radically welcome all circus personalities - so be prepared to dress the part. Are you a trapeze artist, a clown, a lion tamer, a snake charmer or some other circus side-show?

Bring the circus to life with your creativity. Come dressed in your circus-best!

After all, life is a circus and we're all part of the show.

The Bad Jacksons kick off at 8:30PM!

Generous contributions to The Bad Jacksons may be sent here to this link below. Thank you.



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