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It's a wonderful plus being a local resident in Eureka Springs for we get to meet hundreds upon hundreds of people passing through to see our beautiful historic town.

This past weekend, Friday January 10, 2020, we had the pleasure of meeting Andra Smith. Andra is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and she is now based in Rogers with her husband, whom she affectionately calls "Bear." She called him Bear so many times during our interaction, I only know him as that myself.

She teaches Spanish. He teaches Math.

Ahhhhhh, teachers. People who love and respect children. People who pay it forward every day. Kind people. People who shower people with love.

So, why do I write on about these lovely visitors to our fair town of Eureka Springs?


That is why.

As the evening progressed at The Gravel Bar, here in Eureka Springs at The Wanderoo Lodge, things got personal.

Andra took off her coat at one point and her tattoo glowed at us. Not having a single tattoo between us, truly - (Jeff and I have zero tattoos between us) - this sparked further conversation.

EVERY tattoo, on EVERY person, as I have learned, has a story. Andra's tattoo story was pure love. This is what warranted me taking this beautiful picture of her and taking the time to write about her beautiful tattoo, beautiful energy and beautiful soul.

Andra's tattoo is a depiction of the love between her and her immediate family. Her parents and her siblings have similar tattoos. One can only imagine that, when asked about their tattoo, they spring into the same "happy space" that Andra did when we asked about hers.

What a wonderful way to stay connected to people you love the most. WOW!

She took off her jacket and proudly displayed her arm and proceeded to explain what each artistic flourish on her arm actually meant.

We were enamored.

"Your entire family has this?", we asked.

She beamed and proceeded to talk about the love that surrounds her in her life. Her parents. The people. BEAR!

I was so taken by this showering of love from her, that I felt compelled to write about it. She shined! Her tattoo was so private to her, yet upon asking, it became a wonderful discussion about love.

It's not a difficult concept -- love connects us all.


Love is the force that carries us all through this physical life. If you resist this and allow other forces to take you from what carries you through this journey, you will lose your connection and you may lose your way.

Criminals go to jail.

Haters are outcast.

Complainers are avoided.

Andra never complained. Never moaned. Was never negative or sad.

She was delightful. Energetic. Angelic. Spectacular.

She beamed.

Bear was exactly the same.

If an actual bear were to meet "bear" I would imagine it to be a wonderful display of affection like this picture.

This bear loves his handler and it shows.

The bear we met, Andra's bear, was a delight. His beard was epic. His personality - EPIC.

His devotion to Andra - most epic.

It's exactly why exists. We want to promote love.

Love IS what connects us all.

Everyone has an Andra in their life, and a Bear.

Don't lose sight of what is important.


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