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A holiday with Holly, Carol, Candy, and Joy

These four residents are very much a part of the wonderful, joyful, artistic community here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought it would be nice to feature them in this blog-post since their individual spirit and energy aligns well with each of the ladies highlighted in the quirky, holiday song by Artist JD McPherson entitled, "A holiday with Holly, Carol, Candy and Joy." In this song McPherson has concocted the perfect little holiday ditty about four lovely ladies in his life and what they mean to him, especially around the holidays.

The text in red are the lyrics from his song.

Annalea Suzanne Avery

Holly She really makes the season jolly Decked divinely head to toe Lovely green and scarlet bows Holy me, oh my, oh golly Oh, when the snow starts a falling and it covers up the town It's such a cozy fire when that Holly hangs around What a lucky, lucky boy A holiday with Holly, Carol, Candy, and Joy

Astasha Kane

Candy Sweeter than a sip of brandy Peppermint and buttered rum Tempting as sugar plum Cooler than a summer shandy Oh, when the snow starts a falling and I crave a sugar fix She's so confectionary, Candy's always in the mix What a lucky, lucky boy A holiday with Holly, Carol, Candy, and Joy

Makenna Meier

Carol Such a very merry girl A lovely song upon her lips Tempo rises and it dips Dolled up in her gay apparel Oh, when the snow starts a falling and the nights are so long Carol sends me when she's singing all those old fashioned songs What a lucky, lucky boy A holiday with Holly, Carol, Candy, and Joy

Nisa Allen

Joy Bright and sunny if it's snowy When there's a frown upon my face Detective Joy is on the case Shiny like a brand new toy Oh, when the snow starts a falling in that chilly time of year Joy is overflowing with a heap of Christmas cheer What a lucky, lucky boy A holiday with Holly, Carol, Candy, and Joy


Visit Annalea at Angler's Restaurant for some of the best catfish around. She is always decked divinely head to toe in either something themed for the season or just simply something stylish. Annalea is not afraid to flex her personal fashion style any time of day. If she serves you at this delicious restaurant, she'll make sure you have a wonderful time because she's always out for a wonderful time herself. Her spirit, personality and attitude are absolutely contagious.

Sweeter than a sip of brandy, Astasha owns and operates Eureka's Nut House on Spring Street in Downtown Eureka Springs where she's more than happy to give you a fix of her confectionary delights. Be prepared, she will giggle, hug and love on ya! She's doesn't need any candy, she's a natural ball of energy. Truly high on life.

Makenna works as a cocktail connoisseur at Missy's White Rabbit Lounge. At Missy's, you'll feel like you stepped into a Nawlin's style lounge with some of the best live music in town. Makenna, aside from slinging drinks, is an accomplished singer herself, and is often invited to step behind the microphone. Many female singers can give depth in their lower range to make it seem like they're hitting very low notes, but Makenna truly has the range. She also has impressive control and solid technique. She will steal your heart away with a torchy ballad or stop the show completely with something from Broadway. She's vocally gifted.

Nisa will always don her gay apparel at nearly every local parade or festival earning genuine, heartfelt smiles from everyone she meets. Pictured here at Eureka's Christmas Parade, Nisa has also been featured in the Fourth of July Parade, Mardi Gras parades, St. Patrick's Day (which is Eureka's largest parade), Diversity Weekend events and many other parades, events and activities around town.❤️

Hear McPherson's song here, on Spotify


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