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Back From The Dead | The Zombie Crawl


Native Americans once told of a miraculous healing spring in the Arkansas Ozarks and Spanish explorers scoured this area seeking the elusive "Fountain of Youth."

In the 19th century, scores of visitors flocked to the healing waters of Eureka Springs, seeking health and vitality. From blindness to baldness, the curative power of pure Ozark spring water seemed to know no limits and it's power has never raised the dead...

U N T I L N O W !

Becoming a zombie may sound like lots of work. In the movies, it typically is the result of an unexpected bite from a friend or loved one. Or perhaps it's a nasty government-sponsored virus that got a bit out of hand. Either way, it usually involves some fairly uncomfortable experiences for the victim. So consider yourself lucky! All you gotta do for the Zombie Crawl is pretend to be a Zombie but have a lot of fun doing it.

That's right. Join us for this wildly popular event (it's been known to draw thousands of people) and come and get your Halloween ON!

Join the horde, or fear the horde - the choice, of course, is all yours.

Follow this QR-Code to the official site of this event and you will come upon both options and what you need to do to participate in The Zombie Crawl 2023.

Also, on this site, there is a link to a special page called ZOMBIE 101 that explains how to look and act like a zombie. Note: No death required.

Pets are allowed at the Zombie Crawl but they must be on a leash.

Weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Where to stay?

Eureka Springs has an immense selection of different lodging choices, but they fill up fast (VERY fast) for this particular event - so do not miss out. There are several historic inns and hotels along the parade route, including the New Orleans Hotel, Palace Hotel, Basin Park Hotel, and All Seasons Inn. When booking, ask about off-street parking and special balcony viewing options for the Zombie Crawl. Cottages and B&B's near the Public Library (where the parade starts) are also a good choice. Whether or not you are staying downtown, ask your lodging where the nearest trolley stop is located.

LOCAL TIP: If you're concerned about traffic and parking, use the Eureka Trolley. Our trolley cars are easy and affordable to move about every corner of town. Trolley passes are only $6 for an all day pass.



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