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Beauty and Reflection . . .

Ahhhhh. The foliage.

October is here and leaf peepers far and wide are flocking to Eureka Springs to experience the foliage.

It IS quite a display of color. Sharp yellows, reds, oranges and crimson set the stage. The irony to all of it is that we've learned over time to marvel at this season and all that it brings to our natural surroundings. The topography, too, plays a role as we bask in the glory of the rolling Ozark mountainsides.

The leaves are dying of course. Our studies as youth taught us this. But as adults, we learn, over time, that Autumn brings beauty and reflection. It also brings change. Out with the old and in with the new. With every ending, a new beginning is upon us.

For me, growing up in New England, USA, a place known for four changing seasons and striking foliage, Autumn has indeed become my favorite season.

The colors are vibrant and nature is on full peacock-tail display for us all. But it's the time of reflection that makes Autumn a vital part of life's journey. It brings introspection. Thought-provoking insight. Sometimes guidance. Joy.

What does it bring for you?

Autumn is a season to take stock of one's personal harvest. What have the last 12 months yielded ...and what lies ahead? It's a time to re-evaluate goals and be reminded to be grateful for what you have.

Autumn is also another spiritual reminder that transition from living to death brings with it a tremendous amount of beauty and reflection. Death is part of life. The leaves fall and fertilize the soil to bring life back to our trees, bushes, plant life. It is the natural cycle.

Take action this autumn. See the leaves. Be grateful. Reflect. Take harvest and re-set your goals. Be excited for what's up ahead.

The Best Is Yet To Come!❤️


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