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Eureka Springs, Arkansas is certainly "open" in January but as it compares to the other eleven, it is our slowest month. It's a veritable hibernation for us locals before the season hits and thousands upon thousands of visitors take to the curvy streets, the cute B&Bs and the crazy-fun activities.

I like to read, and when it's time to hibernate here in the Ozarks, there's nothing like a good, juicy book. Once I'm deep in a story, I love that feeling of being whisked into a whole new world with all new characters.

Valentine's Day is approaching and so I thought, hmmm .. .. .. let's get juicy up in here.

As we all know, stories that chronicle the discovery and bonding between soulmates are unfailingly popular, especially around this time of year leading up to Valentine's Day. The endings are no surprise, but it's the endless ways that these talented authors reach that "happily ever after" that make romance fans come back over and over again.

This Valentine's Day, get cozy on your recliner (read this blog-post for cozy, hibernation tips) and make a date with one of these five fabulous 'books with heart' that you're sure to enjoy.

On a Night Like This

Author Lindsey Kelk's got something enchanting up her sleeve with this one. Told in a light, airy first-person, this is one of those all too-charming British rom coms. This story truly captures you when they arrive on an Italian island with an over-the-top billionaire-studded event -- The Crystal Ball. Main character Fran decides to sneak into the party instead of lamenting over her cheating fiance and stalled life. This Cinderella-esque story introduces Fran to Evan at The Crystal Ball and that's when the romance, the exotic Italian locale, and the sequins elicit sighs and escapism. Very entertaining.

Electric Idol

Now for some mythological mayhem. Katee Robert's Electric Idol doesn't really dwell on all of the confusing God-names with multiple God-like attributes, instead, she focuses on Psyche and Eros - the couple - and wow, are they incredibly hot and steamy together. When Eros' mother, Aphrodite, gets involved with her lethal intentions, the heat rises as Eros offers to marry Psyche in order to protect her. Two strangers becoming quickly (and intimately) acquainted, falling madly in love and then committing to each other is romance genre gold. I loved that their main concern was for the other. So swoony.

Count Your Lucky Stars

A wedding planner job in Seattle means a fresh start for Olivia Grant - or, does it?

While touring a wedding venue with her engaged clients, Margot is shocked to find her first love (and childhood BFF) Margot Cooper. Although the two avoided discussing their feelings when they parted after eleven years together, it's clear that sparks still fly between them. Well, when a litany of unfortunate events leaves Olivia without a place to stay, Margot offers up her spare room (of course she does.) As they spend time together there is no question that Olivia is everything Margot's ever wanted, but Margot let her in once and it ended in disaster. Will history repeat itself or should she count her lucky stars that she gets a second chance with her first love?


Seoulmates is Jen Frederick's second book in this unique duology about Hara Wilson. At the age of twenty-five, Hara thought she had come to terms with it all, but when her father suddenly dies, an offhand comment at his funeral triggers an identity crisis that has her running off to Seoul in search of her roots. In Frederick's first book, Heart and Seoul, Hara finds her birthmother and falls in love with the charming and wealthy Yujun - only to learn that he is her stepbrother. (Note: this is completely taboo in Korea.)

As Seoulmates begins, the pair is trying to decide if being together means becoming outcasts from both their family and society.

Even though a happily ever after looks out of reach, Frederick gets us there. Aww!

Highland Wolf

New York Times Bestselling Author Lynsay Sands delivers another sexy historical romance set in the wilds of the Highlands.

On the verge of being forced to marry one of her uncle's friends, Lady Claray MacFarlane considers leaping to her death, but she's rescued (of course); snatched up at the last minute by a mercenary known as Wolf and together they ride off with her in his arms. Wolf plans to return her to her father, but he also has a secret - he's her betrothed, Bryson MacDonald who was thought to have perished years ago. Danger lurks and although Sands does a find job keeping this adventure moving along, she also finds time for some slower steamy scenes. Be prepared to fall head-over-heels for the ferocious Wolf and his growing tenderness for his lady. The detailed descriptions of medieval life and well-drawn characters make Highland Wolf a classic standout historical romance novel (just without Fabio's ridiculously huge pecs and flowing hair.)


There you have it friends, five reviews of five reads along with the links to get'em at Amazon.

When we read of two souls falling in love with each other a positive, heart-centered energy is emitted and spreads through the hearts and minds of the reader - this is because love is contagious.

Reading stories of people who are in love makes us more susceptible to love. It opens our hearts to the possibility that we can and will fall in love ourselves. Reading about love helps us to ignite the feelings that love is possible.

Every so often, a penchant for a good, juicy love story hits us. These stories give us hope, adventure and new experiences. Make this your time to dive into one of these delightful reads.

Love y'all. ❤️


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