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Celebrating in Eureka Springs!

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is now upon us and I'm here to encourage you to just take a moment, stop and remember that it's also a time to hustle less and celebrate more. In fact, it is those very celebrations that become beacons of connection with those closest to us.

Celebrations are the threads that weave our relationships and strengthen the bonds that hold us together. Whether it's the warmth of family gatherings, the laughter of friends, an intimate cocktail with the one you love or the tenderness of shared moments with those closest to you, celebrations have the power to strengthen our hearts.

In the heart of every celebration lies a fundamental truth: an ode to connection.

Celebrations are the language through which we express our gratitude, love, and joy. They are the living testament to our shared experiences and the foundation upon which lasting memories are built.


In the heart of every family lies a tapestry of traditions. Passed down through generations, they carry the echoes of our ancestors' laughter and wisdom. From holiday feasts to annual gatherings, these traditions form the backbone of our familial identity, connecting us to our roots and shaping the legacy we leave behind.

John & Phyllis Scurio (my parents)

Within the embrace of family celebrations, generations find their common ground. Elders share their tales, gifting the young with pearls of wisdom. Meanwhile, the young generations bring an infectious energy, reminding the elders of the vibrancy of life. Through this exchange, bonds grow stronger, and the tapestry of family becomes richer and more intricate.

In the sanctuary of celebrations, the walls of communication tend to break down. Hearts open, and words flow freely. It is in these moments that true understanding can take place. Disagreements may happen, but often times they will find resolution as misunderstandings are cast aside, replaced by the unbreakable threads of love and mutual respect. After all, we're celebrating, right? (Be sure to celebrate and accept what makes us different and diverse, too.)


In celebrations with friends, we forge connections that are as deep as they are enduring. It is here that we find our chosen family, united not by blood but by shared experiences and a mutual understanding that transcends time and distance. In Eureka Springs, with us being such a small, tight-knit community, this happens a lot here. We have a lot of little "Eureka Families" that have formed among those living here and they have become quite close to one another.

A Eureka Family

Although life in Eureka Springs is rich with acceptance, belonging and authentic connections all year round, it is within the embrace of friends where celebrations become safe havens where we shed our masks and be our true selves. In this vulnerability, we discover the beauty of authentic connection, where judgments fade, and acceptance reigns supreme.

In the ebb and flow of life, celebrations with friends offer unwavering support. They become our cheerleaders in times of triumph, our pillars of strength in moments of adversity. Through every high and low, they stand by our side, a testament to the unbreakable bonds that form the foundation of our chosen family.

Celebrating in Eureka Springs

In the dance of love, celebrations take center stage. They are the milestones that mark the journey of two souls intertwined. From the tender moments of courtship to the solemn vows of union, celebrations serve as the brushstrokes that paint the portrait of a love story for the ages.

Shared experiences forge unbreakable bonds. Through trials and triumphs, love's flame burns brighter, illuminating the path forward. Celebrations become impactful in which love is tested, tempered, and ultimately, strengthened.

Missy's is "Not Always Gay, But ALWAYS Gay-Friendly."


In the heart of our quaint historic town and positioned half-way up the Rainbow (mural) Stairs, Missy's White Rabbit Lounge beckons patrons into a world where time slows down. From the moment you step through its weathered wooden doors, the sultry notes of live jazz or blues waft through the air, transporting you to the lively streets of the French Quarter. The ambiance is a symphony of dim lighting, exposed brick walls, and the occasional burst of laughter, creating an atmosphere that effortlessly marries the nostalgic charm of the past with the liveliness of the present.

Missy's Half-Way Up The Rainbow Stairs

The bar's crown jewel is undoubtedly its live music lineups, where local musicians channel the essence of New Orleans jazz, current covers, original work or soulful blues into every chord. Mirroring local life in Eureka Springs, the lineup is diverse, ranging from smooth guitar solos to energetic ensembles, edgy duos and upcoming talent - ensuring that each visit offers a fresh and captivating musical experience. Missy's has become a haven for both aficionados and casual listeners alike, doing their part to cultivate a community that appreciates the artistry and spontaneity of live performances, most especially when they have their "open mic" evenings. (check the FaceBook link, above, for programming information.)

The intimacy of the space allows for an immersive connection between the musicians and the audience, fostering a blurred boundary between performers and the audience.

As for beverages, Missy's cocktail menu is a masterful homage to the flavors of the South, the Big Easy and the Big Apple. Savor a perfectly crafted Ol'Fashioned or revel in royalty sipping on a Red Queen as the skilled bartenders showcase their expertise in mixology. The fusion of rich musical tapestry, historical ambiance, and spirited concoctions transforms Missy's White Rabbit Lounge into more than a bar—it's a cultural oasis, a local hangout, and a place where the timeless allure of Eureka Springs comes alive in every note, sip, and shared moment. This place is truly perfect for any celebration.

Locals toasting with Missy & her husband John on the 4th Anniversary of The Lounge which opened in Sept. 2019.

In the warmth of love's embrace, celebrations become the canvas upon which we paint our shared dreams. They are the moments when we pause to reflect on the journey thus far and envision the path ahead. When we stop and celebrate, we find the courage to face the unknown, hand in hand.

Celebrations are the melodies that resonate in our hearts, the echoes of laughter and love that linger long after the moment has passed. Through celebrations, we discover the true essence of connection, the profound strength that lies in family, friendship, and love.

Celebrate this Holiday Season, my friends, for in doing so, the bonds that make life's journey all the more beautiful, become even stronger.❤️

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