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Chapter One | Spring Into Ketosis

Summer is right around the corner. Spring Into Ketosis now!


The Simple Definition

Ketosis is a natural metabolic process that occurs when the body isn’t receiving enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn energy, and instead burns fat.

Breakfast | No toast, homefries or pancakes

How does it work?

Keto nutrition works by nearly eliminating carbs, and by doing this, it eliminates your body's first choice of energy, which is glucose.

Our bodies first use glycogen for energy before switching to using fat. The liver will then convert fatty acids to ketone bodies, which the body begins to use as energy.

When this happens - the body is in ketosis. While the correct carb range to achieve ketosis is different for every individual, drastically reducing carbs is key. Keto nutrition does not encourage most fruits, grains, beans, sugars or low-fat dairy products.

So what's left? Essentially, you're eating plant and animal fats, meat and eggs along with high-fat dairy. Keto also permits a few vegetables, berries, nuts and seafood. By eating more fats and protein, we become more naturally satiated and we are less hungry despite eating fewer calories and so what does that mean ... ?

You guessed it - weight loss.

While most people increase carbs again after they reach their weight loss goal, Keto nutrition can truly help reinforce a healthier lifestyle. After the sweet cravings subside, people tend to supplement with wholesome foods rather than processed carbs.

When you Keto, you immediately start restricting carbs and your body then starts to burn through it's supply of stored sugar in the liver. After about 72 hours, the liver will then turn to the fat cells and after about two weeks a person enters into ketosis.

Spring Into Ketosis

Ketosis is when you're not relying on sugar or carbs for energy but instead you are relying on fat. Ketosis is actually a normal process that allows your body to keep working even when it isn't getting carbs as fuel. Besides burning body fat, ketosis has wonderful side effects which make you feel less hungry and helps to maintain muscle mass.

It typically takes 2–4 days to enter ketosis if you eat fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day. Can you do it? Can you spring into ketosis?

When it comes to implementing a new lifestyle, you shouldn’t hurry. To get into ketosis, you’ll just have to follow the ketogenic macronutrient plan which consists of:

  • 75 percent fat

  • 20 percent protein

  • 5 percent carbohydrates

Ketosis switches your body from burning mainly glucose to burning mainly ketones for energy. Be patient, follow the above macros and wait for ketosis to kick in.


Spring Into Ketosis is a short four-part blog series that will hopefully get you to spring into that summer body. In this series, we will explore the ease and benefits of Keto nutrition and how quickly you can get in that swimsuit and be on the lake.

Summer is right around the corner. Spring Into Ketosis now!

Be sure to speak with your Doctor to make sure Keto is ideal for you.


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