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ETSY Maker Cities Grant Recipient | Main Street Eureka Springs

Since their earliest days in operation, ETSY has functioned as an on-ramp to entrepreneurship, empowering people around the world to turn creativity into economic opportunity.

Their Maker Cities initiative is part of their ongoing commitment to using the power of business to strengthen and empower communities.

In partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, ETSY has proudly honored Main Street Eureka Springs as a 2019 Maker Cities $40,000 Grant recipient. There were five cities awarded.

They received many inspiring proposals from creative organizations all across the country, and Eureka's very own Main Street Eureka Springs were among the five Maker Cities Grants received in 2109 from this ETSY and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth partnership.

It is another honor for Eureka Springs to be seen as a stand-out place in the world where our efforts are focused on fostering a diverse and inclusive creative community. This program gives participants the opportunity to market test retail products and prepare for online and in-person selling possibilities.

Main Street Eureka Springs—Eureka Springs, AR Supporting LGBTQ makers and entrepreneurs over 50

Main Street Eureka Springs’ Maker Cities Project will build out the Eureka Springs Maker Launch Pad, a program aimed at expanding the business acumen of local artists and makers. Open to all makers and artists but with an emphasis on LGBTQ makers and entrepreneurs over fifty, the program gives participants the opportunity to market-test retail products and prepare for online and in-person selling.

The other four 2019 grantees were:

To learn more about these grantees, visit

Like Eureka Springs, Etsy and Mastercard's Center For Inclusive Growth believe that inclusive creative communities build stronger local economies for everyone.

We're in good company.

If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it’s for certain in Eureka Springs, Arkansas . . . and it's now likely about to be featured on ETSY.


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