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Eureka's Salami King

Here in the heart of picturesque Eureka Springs, Arkansas, there's a KING that has recently captured the attention of everyone. Eureka Charcuterie stands as a testament to the culinary artistry and passion of its owner, born and raised in Kansas City, the Salami King himself, Scott Dobbins.

As you approach this one-of-a-kind charcuterie shop, which is directly across the street from The Grand Central Hotel on Main Street, the inviting aroma of cured meats wafts through the air, drawing you in.

When someone thinks about the different forms of art, a lot of things come to mind: painting, pottery, glasswork, sculpture, jewelry and gemstones, mixed mediums, fashion, photography and more.

Yet, the once-underappreciated craft of meat curing has found its place among the revered forms of artistic expression and right here in Eureka Springs, our "self-professed ironically impatient" friend Scott has carefully decided to pursue this patience-driven art form.

Scott believes that salami is more than just a cured meat; it's a culinary masterpiece where "meat is the canvas, and salami is the art." As one would expect, a masterpiece requires top quality. In neighboring Harrison, Arkansas (about 50 minutes away from Eureka Springs) Scott begins the curing process by sourcing the finest cuts locally. It is also important to Scott that the animals are humanely raised which is why he gets his Berkshire pork from Bansley's Berkshire Farms. With this kind of quality, local meat, Eureka Charcuterie can deliver a product that is rich in flavor, with a tender texture that absolutely melts in your mouth.

Every step of the salami-making process is meticulously executed right inside the shop, from hand trimming the meat to blending the perfect combination of spices and seasonings. Scott embraces traditional methods while incorporating innovative flavors, resulting in a harmonious balance that will have your taste buds wanting more. I have a feeling as his charcuterie business gets bigger and bigger, we'll be able to say, "we knew him when."

In true Eureka fashion, Scott's shop is quaint, and it is perfectly positioned right downtown in one of the historic buildings originally built in 1890. Once inside, you're immediately captivated by the rustic charm and warm atmosphere amidst the many temperature-controlled curing cabinets, which allows the flavors of the meat to develop and intensify over time. Aside from the hanging salamis, the shelves are lined with an impressive array of carefully curated grab-n-go cheeses, wines, picnic gear and other charcuterie fare, along with some beautiful hand-made glassware (made by Scott's Mom, Vira Dobbins) but, undeniably, the creative salamis is what keeps bringing the shoppers back.

Scott indulged me in a tasting and WOW each salami serves as a testament to his dedication to the craft of charcuterie. The artistry that goes into every salami is evident in the intricate blend of flavors, spices, and textures that dance on your palate. I was blown away and left the shop with some of my own hand-selected salamis and cheeses to enjoy at home later.

What sets Scott apart is not just the quality of his products but the passion he infuses into each creation. As you engage with him, you can sense the genuine enthusiasm for the art of charcuterie and the desire to share his culinary masterpieces with the world. His eyes light up as he describes the careful selection of premium meats, the secret spice blends, and the patient curing process that transforms simple ingredients into works of art. I tried the BLACK & WHITE salami which is made with squid ink, and it was so delicious.

The variety of salamis on display is astounding and they are constantly changing – from the subtle, to the bold and peppery to the Carolina Reaper-infused (that one's called F'ING HOT), each promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Scott's commitment to using only the finest ingredients, sourced locally, adds an extra layer of authenticity to his creations.

It's not just the savory delights that compel you to purchase, it's the entire experience. The passion, the stories behind each salami, and the genuine connection he forges with customers create an atmosphere that transcends a mere transaction. Whether you're a connoisseur of charcuterie or new to the world of artisan salami, his hidden gem is a must-visit for any food enthusiast seeking a delightful journey into the world of charcuterie.

Tip: When you visit Eureka Springs for a lovely afternoon hike on one of our trails (Inspiring Wander) be sure to visit Eureka Charcuterie first and grab all the fixin's for your own picnic. They've got just what you need for when you reach the peak of the hike and desire refreshments.

Locals and visitors are drawn to this gastronomic haven, knowing that within its walls, they'll find a truly unique experience, exceptional service and top-quality products.

Opening a business in Eureka Springs is not without its challenges -- as Scott says, "it takes a village." Shopping small in the shops here not only helps our town thrive but having a unique place like Eureka Charcuterie stands as a testament to the vibrant, ever-evolving culinary scene in this charming town.

Bon Appetit! ❤️


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