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Fight. Flight. Write!

I live in Eureka

I have found. . .

I write words

I use glitter, image, graphic, imagination

I burst

I hesitate

The moments

The clicks

The dawn tricks night

The night; the clicks

Eyes blue, blur

Losing the battle of sight

The gentle desperation of solitude the thud of my head in my hands

I burst

I write


The tip of my tongue holds words the makings of regret, pain, woe, love, promise I catch it in hesitation

I burst; i almost burst

I almost write

I burst


Time passes

I look at the door

I look at you

The window


the thud of my head in my hands

Then it clicks. It sticks

It's night

The night clicks!

It clicks! It sticks!

It feels right!

My sight!


Now, leave me in my desperate solitude

to burst and to write

Praise night

Praise night in Eureka

I live in Eureka

I love Eureka

Eureka. I have found . . .

Ahhh, alas, I have found . . .

I found love

I have love

Alas! Love!


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