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A pervasive literary evocation of the fear missing a deadline is that of the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit racing against the hands of the clock, with his head literally on the line. Lewis Carroll started his story of a young girl’s journey to adulthood; with the juxtaposition of the effect of time on the nervous and elderly rabbit, against the exuberant and innocent youth of Alice starting her life’s journey. The white rabbit in many ways is a metaphor for the modern bureaucrat worn down by time and the relentless pressure of time.

In Eureka Springs - there is plenty of time. Things slow waaaaaaaay down here. We're living life at a pace of a bygone era and we're proud of that. No hurried experiences here. Just be! Be you. Be one with your soul.

Ahhhhhhhh soul. What is soul exactly?

Soul, in many religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal essence of a living being. Soul or psyche comprises the mental abilities of a living being: reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking, etc.

Soul is the spark. The energy.

The former location of "Henri's Just One More" (Bar/Lounge) at 19 1/2 Spring Street is now the new home of Missy's White Rabbit Lounge.

"Henri's Just One More" was there for quite a while and in short, well, Henri quite simply lost his soul.

Missy Harwood has come along and has truly revitalized the space (along with her husband John, of course) and today, this very same space has curated a spectacular vibe with soul. Missy paid attention to what customers want: delicious bar bites, engaging bartenders and enticing cocktails, music and fun. This place is quickly becoming a favorite spot for both locals and visitors alike to stop in and make memories and who better to make memories with, than Missy herself.

Missy Harwood

Missy makes the place.


She is bubbly, friendly, gregarious, kind-hearted, loving and warm and more...

John made a great choice when he chose Missy and he has shown his devotion and love by pouring his heart into helping achieve this remarkable endeavor all while balancing his very own full-time career.

Quite frankly Missy pretty much knows everyone in town - and every one in town pretty much knows her and to no surprise to anyone - WE ALL ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!

She is just a delight!

Missy's Bartenders Jaran and Christian go out of their way to ensure that you are truly satisfied and having a great time. What can we say, the service and people here are just exceptional.

Missy and John with their complimentary Jukebox

Aside from the flat screen TVs, and the sports-space, there is a wonderful outdoor back patio. The staff encourage you to make selections in the classic jukebox because music makes the moment for everyone (even if we dislike the song, it's a moment for someone.)

With this jukebox, you can't dislike the songs. They are all of the absolute classics. Prince, Elvis, Johnny Cash. It's the best of the best and it's all complimentary, so while you're enjoying yourself, you can make some varied selections all night long and the tunes will keep the place jammin'. Unless, of course, Missy and the gang have invited some live musicians to entertain the crowds.

Opening Night - September 13, 2019

Opening Night, September 13, 2019 was a blur. There was so much for Missy, John and the team to do to get the doors open and ready to serve the customers and make memories for their clientele. The constant flurry of people (locals and visitors) was truly remarkable and it was a true indication that Missy knows everyone in town and they all love her.

Instantly, as you walked through the place that very first night, your felt the soul rush back into the walls, floors, chairs, and ceiling. The space has been reborn. It has it's soul back.

Laurel Canyon Raiders entertained for Opening Night and they do on occasion return for appearances not only at Missy's but also at The Grand Central Hotel and other locations around town. Missy has already hosted Cocktails For A Cause and intends to get deeply rooted into the community.

Nightly Vibes at Missy's

It is also a big interest of Missy's to program the evenings for her customers with music, karaoke, and other merry-making fun as the seasons permit. Plus, if we know her like we think we do, she's going to get quite creative.

Entrance to Missy's is downtown right off of the landing of the Rainbow Stairs. Look for the Purple Awning.

Ironically, at the former "Henri's Just One More," I would often have just one.

At Missy's White Rabbit Lounge, I definitely have one more.

Get Movin' Alice! Let's GO!


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