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Free Tele-Nutrition

I don't know about you but since mid-March my personal nutrition and eating habits have shifted, especially since my no-more-gym routine also shifted. More time at home, more time to eat.

Hitting the treadmill in my basement, along with push-ups and pull-ups help a bit, but when it comes to nutrition here's something to take advantage of...

Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR), offers a free telenutrition service to help Americans shop for, prepare and enjoy healthy fresh and non-perishable foods during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dietitian-led service helps customers manage new eating routines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The free telenutrition service is the latest offering from Kroger Health’s Food as Medicine platform.

During the pandemic, customers’ shopping styles, cooking preferences and eating routines have shifted. (Ain't that the truth!) According to a customer trends report developed by Kroger’s data science and analytics business:

  • 51% are cooking and baking more often than before the crisis, while 45% are cooking the same amount. Just 4% are cooking less often;

  • 40% say they are eating more comfort and indulgent foods;

  • 40% of customers say they have purchased more packaged foods than they usually do; and

  • 46% of customers say they are snacking more throughout the day. (Bingo!)

To help customers manage and navigate "this new normal," Kroger Health’s telenutrition service offers: 

  • A complimentary virtual consultation with a registered dietitian via a two-way video chat;

  • Personalized support and plans for individuals and families — whether cooking for the first time, experiencing tighter budgets or navigating reduced access to fresh or favorite foods;

  • Management of food-related health concerns, including weight maintenance or loss, gastrointestinal conditions and eating disorders, and nutrition plans associated with fertility, oncology and more.

Jim Kirby, Kroger Health’s senior director says, “Many families and individuals are for the first time exclusively relying on cooking for meals, some with limited budgets and nutrition knowledge. Through Kroger Health’s telenutrition service, our dietitians are providing free personalized nutrition advice to help our customers shop for and prepare delicious and affordable nutritious meals.”

The telenutrition service will remain free for all customers through the pandemic, including Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Customers can schedule unlimited visits using the code: “COVID.”

To learn more about the telenutrition service or to sign-up visit


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