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The Natural State Delivers Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day from

In Eureka Springs and the surrounds of Arkansas, there are more shades of color than whiskers on a screaming fox, and, these days, with all of the moisture, every one of them seems to be a varied colorway of the family green.

Nascent, bright, pale, vibrant, dull, every shade, every hue - I never knew the beauty of green, nor the many varieties of this color, until I moved to Arkansas.

One could say that The Natural State lives up to it's name every day.

In this unique. visual blog-post, I encourage your eyes to use their own vocabulary as you view these images to describe what can't be described using words. Take a moment to experience these images of Eureka Springs and some of the surrounding areas.

Allow your eyes to do the talking. Please enjoy.

I love green.

I love Arkansas.



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