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Grateful For Grotto!

Thanksgiving at Grotto Wood Fired Grill and Wine Cave is a full-blown, sensory experience.

Be prepared! All of your senses are engaged while you're there. From the smell of the wood fired grill, the taste of some truly unique flavor combinations, hearing the vibe of custom-crafted ambient music against the light clang of cutlery from diners savoring in the experience, to the ambient feel of a cozy cave transformed into an elegant, romantic dining room - all of which, combined, you will see over and over again in your memories long after dessert.

Chef Slane takes common ingredients and uses them in unexpected ways for a streamlined menu of seasonally inspired dishes. In addition, he carefully chooses vendors, like Creekstone Meats, which makes all the difference because their unified commitment is to ensure that the animals are handled compassionately and humanly in every phase of their life, from birth to processing. This is a big part of why this business partnership is so successful.

The menu at Grotto is centered around the rich, satisfying natural flavors from the earth and from the wood used in the wood fired grill. Every dish you experience will have touched the same wood fired grill in some way. (that said, please note some ethical vegans won't be able to eat here.)

The Slanes serendipitously found their wood fired grill for a low cost and this find is what spun the idea into what you experience today. Note: The Thanksgiving Menu for 2022 is listed below in this blog-post and it differs from the usual menu offerings.

​"The magic of cooking over a wood fire has always captivated me. This opportunity has allowed me the creativity to develop rich new flavors over the years. The challenge of harnessing a force of nature, and sharing the experience with our guests through the senses of taste and smell is what most inspires me." - Chef Slane
MENU - 2022
*Reservations Only*

Thanksgiving Service happens from Noon to 5:00pm on Thanksgiving Day 2022

Call: 479-363-6431

Downtown Eureka Springs

Located in beautiful downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Grotto Wood Fired Grill and Wine Cave is in a historic building that was built on solid rock with a continuously running spring. This much-celebrated atmosphere offers one of Arkansas’ most romantic settings for your dining experience.

Eureka Springs is a resort town with a large heart of local residents. This creative town offers a place for small businesses and talented artisans, musicians, writers and entrepreneurs to emerge and evolve. Many, like Chef Slane and his wife and family have fallen in love with Eureka Springs, not only for the stunning natural surroundings and preserved historic charm, but for the opportunity it holds for a prosperous future.

Our thanks and gratitude to Chef Slane, his family and their team at Grotto Wood Fired Grill and Wine Cave. Be sure to make your reservations today for a Thanksgiving you'll never forget. (limited seating is available.) Call: 479-363-6431.

Bon appetit.❤️


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