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Han Duo

So ...when you think of Star Wars ...a lot comes to mind. This band, featured at Rowdy Beaver Den, calls themselves Han Duo ...and rightly so.

What talent!!!!


They rocked the den on Saturday November 4th, 2018 and it was awesome.

Inspired by Star Wars, their top 40 hits are accompanied by space-age electronics. Witty banter. ("Don't call them Obi Wan Bon Jovi") Sexy smiles. Kind hearted (we want to meet our fans) personalities. These guys are the whole package.

Check out their creative set decoration...

Rowdy Beaver Den is a raucous local establishment with a fun vibe, great, personable bartenders and live music.

Located in downtown Eureka Springs, on Spring Street you can find every walk of life here. The music and the bartenders draw the crowd.



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