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Eureka Springs is filled with people from all walks of life . . . musicians, lesbians, writers, poets, shopkeepers, tourists, servers, singers, artists, foodies, bikers, newlyweds, bartenders, drag queens, gays, gardeners, couples, wanderers, sailors, guesthouse keepers, and churchgoers and heartists!

That's me . . . I am a heartist. Not to be confused with an artist, a heartist is someone who does not paint, draw, sculpt or photograph, however, a heartist does design, create, illustrate and do.

I am proud to be a heartist.

I create experiences and memories through love, kindness and happiness. I illustrate the goodness in others by bringing it out in them and telling them how good they are and how much I appreciate them. I compliment people through genuine kindness and care. I design my life experience around good things. Kind people. Human nature. Fun times. Real life.

I do my best to raise the standards of those around me both in work and life.

We're all heartists in the very core of our being. Some have identified with it more than others and this can have a profound impact on life as we tend to look for the goodness in things and not always where things went wrong.

"The Best make everyone around them better." -Jon Gordon, Author, Training Camp

We all know this, but most things take work.

For those, that know me personally, I do enjoy my time in the gym staying physically active and getting in the best shape that I can.

Kindness, too, is a muscle that needs attention. Somewhere along my journey I realize this, too, takes work.

It's innate for most to be kind-natured. Kindness is not the same as kind-natured. Heartists will take action, to ensure that kindness is exhibited - this is where the work comes in. Kindness is action.


Having or showing a pleasant, kindly disposition; amiable: a warm, good-natured person.


A kind act. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

In Eureka Springs, kind-natured heartists expressing their kindness is abundant. People here act. They take a moment to tell you something positive, friendly, kind. They offer themselves. Hug. Smile.

Our whole town has a sunny disposition, and most say (and I do agreed) that this comes from the townspeople. We create the culture of Eureka and we deliver memories, events, experiences and attractions to our visitors and locals. Together, we co-create our experience.

Get out there and flex that kindness muscle. The more you give, the more you get.


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