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Heaven. That place in our minds regarded as Paradise, Nirvana, the abode of the angels and of those that do good. A pleasurable experience.

When I get a deep-tissue massage, a really, really good one, I'll often describe the experience - "ahhh, now THAT was Heaven."

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us God has placed eternity in our hearts. He created us with a space in our souls that can’t be satisfied by anything except things of everlasting duration. We need permanence. We need transcendence. We try to cram temporal things in the empty space with us, but they don’t assuage our spiritual appetite.

Eureka Springs, AR, is "heaven on earth." If you speak with anyone that lives here or visits frequently you will learn that this is truly a little slice of Heaven.

A place like Eureka Springs, like any small village, develops by the sum of the parts and the efforts of many that make it so. As the saying goes, "It takes a village!"

Our little slice of Heaven is what it is today because of many people over many years but I take this opportunity to honor two good angels that were very much a part of the very co-creative environment that is Eureka Springs, AR.

From all around Eureka Springs - the parks and recreation team, the community, the camaraderie, love, hugs, theater, government, township, small business (Brews) and more - these two fine gentlemen did their part for Eureka Springs. Their home. Their Heaven on Earth.

Terry Leiker

Terry Leiker and Jim Holt were a big part of so much and lit up our lives in very big ways as well as humbled little ways.

When you visit one of our many flowing springs please take a moment to admire in the immaculate nature of the surroundings and honor Terry for his meticulous care and concern for the environment that we continue provide to our residents and our visitors as they experience the natural environment that makes Eureka the magical place that it is today.

Terry was our accomplished City Gardener and had a passion for landscaping. Terry's lawn, flowerbeds and beautiful landscaping were the envy of many neighbors, family and friends. Eureka Springs will forever be a more beautiful city because of his expert creativity and eye for grooming and caring for our natural environment. A good angel.

Jim Holt

Jim was the owner/operator/proprietor of Brews (a place he often called, "Eureka's living room.")

Jim Holt and the Brews Crew

Jim lived in Eureka Springs for 5 years. He retired after 30 years with The Schwan’s Food Company and became the owner of Brews. Jim was involved in so much. Board meetings, diversity weekend planning, programming guest entertainment at Brews, the daily operation of Brews, Art installations, modeling, acting in our local Five and Dime Drama Collective Group, and so much more...

He so very much enjoyed living in historic Eureka Springs and was known for some incredibly genuine hugs whenever he saw anyone about town or at Brews. A good angel.

These good angels were seedlings of God brought here to shape our Heaven. Our Eureka. This remarkable Heaven on Earth. This place will never be the same because of them - and that is the way it's supposed to be. This place will never be the same without them - and that's the way it's supposed to be. They came here and lived here with purpose and brought us many gifts of joy.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 When we get to heaven, that ache is going to vanish. When we get to heaven, everything we do will bring us perfect satisfaction and lasting reward. When we get to heaven, we will never again engage in anything that will leave us feeling even a tad bit empty. When we get to heaven, everything we do will bring us constant joy. We will be home.

For these beautiful souls that created so much joy for those around them, they leave us here as they transition from one Heavenly Home to the next. While they were here, they were very much a part of our little village, every single day.

Heaven. That place in our minds regarded as Paradise, Nirvana, the abode of the angels and of those that do good. I will forever walk about this heavenly place - Eureka Springs, AR - in an abundance of gratitude for what they brought when they came here to flourish as pillars of this community.

God sent them here and they did some wonderful work. Their respective legacy now shines forever in the never-ending evolution of Eureka Springs, AR. They made history in our town and their stories live on through each of us as we reflect and share in the beautiful memories of knowing them, loving them and experiencing their energy.

Today, I see Eureka Springs through a different lens as a result of these angels moving from one Heavenly Home to the next. Eureka has changed because of them.

God forever watches over Eureka Springs. His love is all around Eureka and he ensures that it is a part of life here. He brings new angels here to offer their love, spread their joy, do their part. Do good. Be good angels; and when the work here is finished, He calls us from this Heaven on Earth to His Heaven so that we may fully flower.

"I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, for the heaven so blue above me, and the good that I can do." -George Linnaeus Banks

I did not know them for very long, as next month (June 2019) marks my first year Anniversary living here in Eureka Springs, but what I have come to know by knowing them for the short time that I did was that I personally would not wish them to "rest in peace." They were not known as men who rest.

They participate. They love. They make a difference. They achieve. They flourish. They go. They do. They persevere.

With that said, I believe that their work is not finished. They have more goodness to share, more to do, more to offer, more to contribute. Their souls live on forever. Their goodness has no end.

Terry, Jim, please don't rest. Please persevere and do your parts to make His Heaven even more beautiful by being the good angels up there before us. For when we, too, are called to leave this beautiful Heaven On Earth, we may join you, reunited in your new Nirvana.

May love and joy carry you through this eternal journey and when you look down upon our beautiful - 'beautiful because of you' - Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we truly hope that you reflect upon your time here and think, "ahhh, now THAT was Heaven."

❤ JM


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Beautiful beautiful write up. Thank you. Judy

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