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The Iconic Hiking Trail in Arkansas is One of the Coolest Outdoor Adventures You’ll Ever Take

By Melanie Johnson | Published January 5, 2024 | Only In Your State

Folks, we’re on another quest to find an adventurous hiking trail in Arkansas. And we came across Shaddox Hollow Trail that features everything from towering bluffs to flowing creeks to hidden caves, and more. Not to mention that it’s inside the heart of the iconic Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. How cool is that? For the ultimate outdoor adventure, grab your furry friends as well as your hiking gear, and let’s explore this iconic hiking trail in Rogers Arkansas.

Northwest Arkansas is known for its trendy restaurants, great shopping, as well as its artsy vibes. But it's also filled with outdoor adventure. Take for instance Shaddox Hollow Trail, where you can witness scenic vistas, flowing creeks, and even explore hidden caves.

At 1.5 miles long, Shaddox Hollow might be a short loop trail, but it's jam-packed with adventure. Considered to be a bit challenging, you'll need to climb some steps and there are some rocky sections as well as elevation changes.

But don't worry, the reward is worth the trek. You'll be amazed as you hike past the towering limestone bluffs that are found along the ridgeline of the trail.

Also, there are quite a few scenic vistas along the way, including flowing streams and tiny cascades.

Golden hour offers its own splendor as the sun peaks through the tree lines on the trail.

Bring your fur pal and capture some cool pics underneath the rock outcroppings. Plus, there are some rocky areas, where you can climb over huge boulders for additional adventure. If you have the little ones, they will have a blast here!

One of the best parts about this trail is that there are hidden caves that you can explore. If you're brave enough, go ahead and venture inside of them.

But folks, there's more! Take the time to go off trail to access Beaver Lake. Pack a lunch, relax, and bask in the natural scenes of this beautiful trail in the Ozarks.

After all this outdoor adventure, chances are, you'll fall in love with this iconic hiking trail in Rogers Arkansas.

Once you’ve explored Shaddox Hollow Trail, be sure to check out the other hiking trails inside Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. And of course, don’t forget to download your free trial of AllTrails+ for access to offline maps, trail conditions, and more.

TIP: Hobbs is just a short drive from Eureka Springs, Arkansas.❤️


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