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Impressive press

...and the buzz continues.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas continues to get noticed. Here are some well-done words in the press that help keep our visitors interested and our locals famous.

Nick Roberts, Resident and Business Owner (Nibbles)

Take a look at these features about our beloved Eureka Springs in Texas Monthly Magazine as well as Passport Magazine.

Y'all know how much I love Eureka, I mean, c'mon, I made a blog about my love for this place after all. But when I read the beautiful words of writer Mary Beth Gahan in Texas Monthly, I felt another connection to this place. She was able to capture what's been on the tip of my tongue for months now.

Mary Beth was able to explain what I think most have difficulty explaining.

In her piece featured in Texas Monthly, Mary Beth describes Eureka Springs in a way that made me immediately think to myself - YES! EXACTLY! THAT'S IT!

"Eureka Springs is steeped in nostalgia. Signs promising “Cupcakes and Cones” and “Funnel Cakes!” beckon us to stop. Wide porches wrap around houses and stores in a way that reminds me of the best parts of the French Quarter, in New Orleans, and Duval Street, in Key West. Like those destinations, it flaunts a touch of quirkiness as well." - Mary Beth Gahan

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