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Intentions Give You Purpose

Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve it.

You have the power to create a reality that excites you on every level. Through your intentions you can land your dream job, travel to places you thought you’d never go, and live a life that at one point may have felt out of reach. The possibilities are endless. But it’s not the intention alone that brews this seemingly magical power. An intention is the budding flower given life by all of the underlying thoughts, words, and actions in the rich soil below the surface.

Intention gains its true power through the focus of your attention on what you may do in the present moment to bring your intention into physical manifestation. In his book, “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success” Deepak Chopra states, “attention energizes and intention transforms. Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life. Whatever you take your attention away from will wither, disintegrate and disappear.” (Chopra, 1994) Whereas an intention describes something that you desire to take place in the future, your attention is what you can do right now to make that intention a reality.

To make the most of your life, to nourish the causes of happiness for yourself and for others, it takes strength, clear intentions, and persistent effort.

We've come a very long way as a species as human beings and as we have evolved our horizons have expanded.

The time between stimulus and response have extended as has the space between our actions and the ripple effect to the outermost edges of those actions. What is often the case is that the wider our view is, the wiser we are with our intentions.

For most people, it is completely natural to spend most of our time focusing on what is right in front of us. But today, after reading this, I challenge you to ask yourself: How wide is my view?

When is the last time you sat down with yourself, by yourself and asked yourself:

  • What good and bad effects will my lifestyle today have on me 10 years from now?

  • What do I do that helps and harms my planet?

  • How do my love and my anger affect others?

  • What could be the long-term results of intensifying my psychological growth and spiritual practices?

Today, in our modern world, we have become focused primarily outward to what is happening around us and we feel inundated by external forces that distract us from what is really going on inside of us.

By taking time to dive within, you can tap into the abundance of information that you collect and store inside of your knowing heart. By taking time to sit with yourself, by yourself and diving within, you can reach the center of you (your truth) and determine what it is you feel, you believe, what you like and what is joyful to you and what aspires you to new inspiring actions.

There are so many tools that can assist you with this work - many people use music, forest bathing, painting, dancing, meditation, hiking, prayer, deep conversations with others close to you. For me, writing blog-posts on helps me with my exploration pathways that take me deeper into myself.

Here in Eureka Springs, there is an array of options where you can experience all of the above, including forest bathing, of course and much more.

One of the fascinations about Eureka Springs is that Eureka Springs was founded on sacred ground.

It is true! The early settlers venerated the healing waters that poured from the springs out of the mountainsides of Eureka so much so that tribes at war with each other were not permitted to fight at the springs. So, for hundreds of years, Eureka Springs has been a peaceful gathering place for all. The power that drew our ancient ancestors lives on and Eureka Springs has long been a place of awe and wonder, healing and wellness, joy and peace.

Also, it is believed that the mineral kingdom buried below us in Eureka Springs provides much of what happens here for it is strongly and widely understood that the healing waters below the surface (at some point in time) flowed over mineral deposits so that when brought to the surface, the water carried with it all of the healing properties of those powerful minerals.

These mineral gemstones and crystals are exceptional tools that will assist you in accessing the hidden depths within you so that you may begin to forge a relationship with yourself by using these gifts of the earth for their many benefits.

When paired with the power of your intentions, gemstones and crystals will amplify and strengthen your mind/body connection and will transform your life experience, just as Deepak Chopra explains in his book.

While the soil, the minerals and the waters of Eureka Springs have evolved over time and those healing properties are no longer carried to the surface with the naturally flowing spring waters but there is a place in town that will bring these powerful minerals to you so that you may work intentionally to transform yourself from the inside out with crystal guided energies for your mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal Waters is located at 7 Basin Spring Avenue, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 (the shop's entrance is on the staircase between TOWN SHOP and ELLEN'S PATTISSERIE, as marked with the red circle in the image below.)

Josie and the team there will help you select and effectively use these powerful minerals to help you with your personal journey. You may also check the website ( before stopping by so that you may price items and make selections beforehand.

I always thought, as with diamonds and such, that gemstones and crystals were very expensive but they're actually quite reasonable. The Crystal Waters' website shows the prices for each of their featured items and there is a link on their site to their blog posts about gemstones and crystals and how to use them effectively. Of course, if your hoping to purchase a very large item, the price would naturally be higher.

In order to shift life and to live in greater alignment with your highest priorities, it will mean that you would need to consider a few small but significant changes. Ask yourself: What could I realistically do, starting today, to live a life aligned with my intentions?

With the use of gemstones and crystals, you could take this inner work to a new level and slowly start to nudge your life in the very direction of your intentions so that, say, a year from now, it is as congruent as possible with your most heartfelt priorities.

Using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, as taken from the The University of San Diego's website, you may begin to learn how to use these tools to help you practice more regular reflecting and intention setting practices in your own life.

Every day, think as you wake up: Today I am fortunate to have woken up. I am alive, I have a precious human life. I am not going to waste it. ~The Dalai Lama

All of the research for this non-revenue generating community blog is compiled by using various methods and resources widely available. I often find information from public libraries, magazines, books, historical publications, websites, other blogs, and much more. This particular blog-post was created with the help of information provided by Deepak Chopra, The University of San Diego, Rick Hanson, Ph.D. &


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