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It's Peak-n' Boo Season in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!


Me, John-Michael and my lovely Husband Jeff right at home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

Typically, in Arkansas, mid-October is the time to see the peak of the leaves BUT because of the extreme hot weather we experienced this summer (and very, very little rain) the Autumn season will take just a bit longer to hit peak - so what does this mean exactly.

Arkansas borders six states: Missouri to the north, Tennessee and Mississippi to the east, Louisiana to the south, Texas to the southwest, and Oklahoma to the west.

Our visitors come from miles around to see what the beautiful Ozarks have to offer and rightly so - the Ozark vistas here are stunning in the off-season so you can only imagine what it must be like when Mother Nature (I call her MoNa!) decides to perform.

In these here hills, Autumn is the mainstage for MoNa!

Vibrant colors, dot the hillsides as you traverse in, out and around town. This is why bikers will take to the hills for Bikes, Blues and BBQ. This event is scheduled at the beginning of the season this year from Oct. 5 - Oct. 8. While they like to be here at the beginning of it all, the real peak for 2022 will be ... ... ... wait, wait for it ... ... ... HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!

It's true! According to the Fall Foliage Predicition Map - Halloween Weekend is the PEAK weekend to peek at the leaves here in the Ozarks in 2022! MoNa is calling you here . . .


Native Americans once told of a mysterious natural healing spring in the Arkansas Ozarks. Spanish explorers scoured this area seeking the elusive "Fountain of Youth". And in the 19th century, the town of Eureka Springs with its amazing healing springs grew to be a world-renowned Victorian health resort. Partaking freely of the water, scores of visitors regained health and vitality, apparently cured of their many ills. From blindness to baldness, from piles to paralysis, the curative power of pure Ozark spring water and fresh mountain air seemed to know no limits. But it never raised the dead ... UNTIL NOW.

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, Eureka Springs is expecting thousands of visitors for the Annual Zombie Crawl. It is a sight to see - a creepy, creepin' parade procession of undead zombies, funeral hearses, doomsday vehicles, Halloween floats, and postmortem street performers lead the hungry horde down historic Spring Street, from the Public Library to Basin Park. Makeup artists and Zombie-themed vendors were available in Basin Park before the parade started to assist the dearly departed.

The finale features the talented Melonlight Dance Group with their live rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller in Basin Park at the very end of the crawl in true "flash-mob" macabre.

Join us for our gorgeous natural Autumnal vistas AND the annual Zombie Crawl in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Check out this post for full details and to join the horde! You won't want to miss it all! ❤️


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