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Law Of Attraction | Abundance

This blog was transcribed from the YouTube video entitled, "Abraham Hicks - The Secret To Turning Vibration into Wealth."

We are all vibrational beings. We are all energy. We are all connected to something much bigger. Abraham Hicks calls this source energy. We all have a physical and a non-physical being, which, is SOURCE ENERGY. Please enjoy this new perspective.


Until you find another way of looking at this nothing is going to shift in you and unless something shifts then your experience can't change. Until suddenly you have an understanding and then you feel different and when you feel different then you attract different and when you attract different then you experience different manifestations. So that's the whole objective here.

The more delicious life is, often there are more things that you want to experience in it, the more experiences you want to have. So the asking part is not the hard part - when you don't have enough of something, you know that you want more. SOURCE RECOGNIZES EVERY TIME YOU ASK. Now, here's an important thing - Source knows what you're asking for and only has a vibration about what your really asking for so, this is interesting, when you feel like you don't have enough money and it causes you, just for a moment, to send off a rocket, "I would like more money" (meaning, I want more freedom, I want more experience) Your inner-being, becomes the essence of the freedom and the essence of the experience. Your inner being extracts from that vibrational contrasting experience what you do want, because that's what your inner-being does. Your inner-being never focuses on the drama, or the trauma, or the trouble, or the lack. Ever. So from your synthesizing of life, you are emitting pure desires that your inner-being is recognizing, focusing on and taking as inner-being point of attraction. Now, do you accept that there's you and your inner-being, do you accept that your inner-being is offering a vibration and that law of attraction is responding to your inner-being's vibration, just like law of attraction is responding to yours?

So, when you ask for more prosperity, your inner-being immediately becomes the equivalent of more prosperity. But if you DON'T immediately become the equivalent of prosperity, vibrationally, as in being optimistic, or anticipation then there's a vibrational difference between you and your inner-being and that's when you feel doubt, or fear, or worry, or jealousy, or anger, or whatever those feelings around money, often are.

But you've got to find some way of syncing up with the way that your inner-being feels about this, and when you do, now there's no contradiction in your vibration, there's no tug-o-war going on. Now, you and your powerful inner-being are standing in the eye of the vortexual hurricane that law of attraction is causing around you and more money is coming to you. But in your positive anticipation, you're letting it in, you're not keeping it out.

That's just the law-based explanation of how the money comes to you.

Now, another way that we are wanting to explain this to you is that when you feel good, you're in sync with your inner-being, and when you're in sync with your inner-being, that means your in, what we're calling, the receptive mode of what your inner-being has already amassed and attracted. So if you can accept the prosperity that your inner being already is, then you can be the vibrational translator of that vibrational prosperity into the manifestation of what you want. This non-physical aspect of you, that exists, that is attracting things that you are asking for to this specific vibrational context that you now have ready access to, this is a reality, but because you can't translate it yet, and you often see absence of money rather than the presence of money even though there is a vibrational presence of money. How do I turn these thoughts to things? Because I can't spend the idea of money. I'm worried. I'm afraid. So, what does that mean?

That means that you're not looking at the money that's coming in the way that your inner being is looking at the way that the money is coming. Where does anything come from? Everything comes out of the vortex.

Can you accept that there is a vibrational version, that you have not yet realized? If you accept that it's there, and this is the question that we want you to contemplate - if it exists in vibrational form, how does it become a reality? How does the idea of prosperity translate into something that is in my bank account? How do I turn those vibrations, to those thoughts, to those things? How does that happen?

Well, it happens by practicing the thoughts that allow it to turn to those things, not practicing the opposite of those thoughts. When you say, I'm afraid there won't be enough, that's practicing the opposite of the thoughts...and we know that it must drive you crazy... Abraham, if you were standing where I'm standing, looking at what I'm looking at, you would feel the way I feel. And we say, we know that what you're living feels so real because what you feel is turning to things all the time. So if you don't feel like there's enough money, then that is the way that it's turning out and you say, see, I was right. This worry was valid. This worry was accurate because I worried about this and this is the way that it is. See, I'm right. I'm right to worry. And we say, the Universe will respond to the vibration that you emit so you have to show yourself something different. It's there, how are you going to get it out? How are you going to be the realizer of it? Well, you've got to understand, it's broadcasting to you. If you must understand that creation is broadcasting and receiving, broadcasting and receiving, broadcasting and receiving.

So your inner-being is broadcasting prosperity but you're broadcasting doubt. How's that workin' out?

Your inner-being is broadcasting one thing and you're broadcasting another. Can you set your radio dial on 106FM and hear what's being broadcast on 98.7FM? Can you receive from a different frequency? No. You've got to line up with the frequency that your inner-being is broadcasting. So that's the first big question that we want to put to you. . . . . . . .


That vortex is dynamic. It's dynamic, it's growing, it's big, it's riches that you cannot identify yet - and it's real.

So, you want some of it, just a little of it. There's enough in your vortex to keep you thriving for 20 or 30 lifetimes. That's how dynamic it is. That's how big it is. And you want some of it. How are you going to get it? You've got to tune your tuner to the frequency of what your inner-being is broadcasting which is what we're calling the receptive mode. YOU'VE GOT TO GET INTO THE RECEPTIVE MODE.

You've got to think, like your inner-being thinks in order to be in that receptive mode. You can't be focused on the absence of what you want and tune your tuner to what your inner being is broadcasting. Your inner-being is not going to change it's broadcast to match yours - ever!

Your inner-being is going to stand in your prosperity and you've got to find a way to be there too. So, let's talk about you being in the receptive mode. The receptive mode means, you've got your tuner set for "something" and if you're walking around this world, like most people, what you're observing is what's causing you to set your tuner; different things that are happening in your life. If you're aware when you're doing it. Now, money is the hardest thing really because that's the thing that you've been worried about the most, the longest and that's the thing, that you've activated a bunch of vibrations about usually that you're not going to change overnight, but you can change them, AND YOU MUST, if you want the prosperity that is due to you. You've got to cash in that vibrational currency and the way that you cash in your vibrational currency is you've got to line up with it which means right here, right now, you've got to make the decision. You've got to give up arguing for your limitations.

Every time you say, I can't, or I haven't, or it's hard or nobody that I know is doing it, then you're just setting your receptive mode to something else. If your receptive mode is not set to this frequency, what's it set to? How do you know when you've set it? How do you know when you've set your tuner?


1) How you feel

2) What's happening

Both of these are good ways to know. So prosperity isn't flowing in incredible abundance to you (knowing what's in your vortex) then you've got your tuner set in a screwy way and you usually do this for a couple of different reasons:

1-The habit of just observing "what is"

"What is" is compelling. We know that it is. Bills are compelling, when they come, they get your attention. We know that what you're observing is compelling.

2-You still don't believe in the vortex

You really don't believe in the vortex reality in the same way that you believe in the bank account reality. The bank account reality is just more obvious. Everybody including your banker, your credit card holders, they all believe in your current reality. In other words, there's so much to observe that believes in your current reality. Your current reality does not mean diddly squat. THAT, IS WHAT'S TEMPORARY.

That changes ... changes ... changes ...

The thing is, it's changing, it's dynamic, and with just a little bit of attention to stay in your lane, just a little bit of attention - THINGS WILL CHANGE.

Somebody else, even somebody that lives with you, might be looking at this differently than you are and you can't let that affect your vibration although in the same way that it's not easy not to let a bill affect your vibration, it's not easy to not let somebody else that's feeling strongly about something affect your vibration.

BUT - that's what your true currency is. That's what you're cashing in all the time. That is your pathway to the abundance that you seek. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE IS THE PATHWAY TO THE ABUNDANCE THAT YOU SEEK.

...and it's not an iffy pathway, it's a sure pathway. It's also not a long, slow, hard, pathway - it's a much easier, smooth pathway. You've just got to find some way of changing the way you feel about it which means, you CANNOT face reality.

Others are going to say to you, hey, you've got to get your head out of the clouds and you're going to say "NO, That's where my vibrational currency is. THAT'S WHERE MY ABUNDANCE IS. I HAVE TO FOCUS IN A WAY THAT I FEEL PROSPEROUS."

The most important part of all of this is .. .. .. .. ..

You've got to get out ahead of it. You've got to get out ahead of it vibrationally. You don't have to get out ahead of it financially, you've got to get out ahead of it vibrationally. In fact - Get Out Ahead Of Everything Vibrationally.

Don't wait until you're in fear to try to do something to get yourself out of fear. When you wake up in the morning, you are not in fear, until you think the thoughts that you were thinking yesterday that lower your vibration, so get out ahead of it. Get out ahead of it. GET OUT AHEAD OF IT.

Start caring about how you feel. Then, the two ways that we were saying that you'll know how you're doing and what your vibration is, how it's turning out and how you feel. NOW, HOW YOU FEEL WILL BE DOMINANT.

Do whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself feeling better. Once you start to feel better about it, milk that just a bit and get that momentum going. I'm doing alright and I am pleased with what we're earning and what's translating and we'd like to say to you that the true earning that you're doing is not what you're doing through your action, the true earning that you're doing is with your vibrational balance.

Look at the difference of what people around you are recieving in terms of money. You can't explain it through their action - can you?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and we're all limited to that degree of what we can do and the difference of what people are receiving is enormous. You've got to understand that they're not earning through their action and they're not earning through their education and they're not earning through their context or some way that immoral or illegal. They are earning through their vibrational translation of the vibrational currency in their bank account.




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