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Love, Appreciate and Align

Happiness is a choice, and if you take time for yourself, love yourself first, appreciate, align and be kind to yourself - an abundance of love, happiness, joy and success will find you.

Today is August 21, 2022 and, once again, I choose to be happy.

I am currently 52 years of age and I am about to share something personal with you that I have been doing for nearly the last 28 years. For the last six of those years, I've called this daily event, my meaningful morning moment. For the sake of explanation, let's call this - my 4m ritual.

My 4m ritual truly works for me and it has brought me much happiness, abundance, joy, and success.

Because this daily ritual works for me, I thought that I would write about it in the hope that it may also bring meaning and importance in some way to someone else, or for a number of people that may consider embracing this practice or some similar practice to help them start each day off even better than the day prior.

To put it simply, this is what I do, each and every morning, at some point in my a.m. routine - seven days a week.

"I love, I appreciate and I align with my higher self."

That's it.

I love, I appreciate and I align with my higher self. With God. With Source Energy. Whatever you may call your higher self. For He is I and I am an extension of Him. We all are. We all have the ability and we all can make a choice to do this every day in order to set our day in motion toward joy, success, fun, little wins, big wins, learning something new, meeting someone new and much, much more...

That's it!

Simple, eh?

1. L O V E

By starting each day from a place of LOVE, I find that it calibrates my emotional guidance system, soon after I awake, to better set-out on a well-intentioned course for the day toward all things important to me and that bring me more joy, success, enrichment, fun, etc.

I just take a moment to simply list out the things that I LOVE, even if I simply just list them in my mind (while I'm driving to work, let's say) rather than writing them down in actual list format. I find that this very simple practice sets my focus for the day toward loving these things, these people, these places, whatever - even more than I loved them yesterday. This ritual has helped me to evolve my LOVE in (what I feel) is the right direction, for me and for my life.

2. A P P R E C I A T E

Focusing on things that you feel appreciation for is a really good thing. I find that it helps to remind me of what I have and to appreciate what I have. This part of my 4m ritual is powerful and it sets in motion a thought pattern and emotion pattern that is steeped in gratitude. By taking time to appreciate what is around me, who is around me, where I am, what does life have in store for me today, and just taking a moment to look toward gratitude, I don't start the day off in a mindset of lack. I choose to be happy and I choose to start the day off on a positive, optimistic trajectory.

In fact, the results have been quite intriguing at times.

Some days, things just happen right in my path that add value and make the appreciation-factor of this 4m ritual very valuable to me as this part of the ritual is what allows more things to flow in my direction that I may appreciate again and again.

I choose my thoughts and allow my emotions to guide me.

3. A L I G N

It has taken some time to arrive to this mindset but now it is my firm belief that the Universe knows me and knows my broadest intentions. The universe constantly guides me on my chosen path. When I feel good, I am allowing more of that which I intended to resonate in my life experience. I believe that I am Spirit Incarnate and that we all are. My higher self is pure, positive energy and it's important to me to set-out to begin each day, in alignment with that pure, positive energy.

In essence, my higher self is part of my life experience because, I believe, it's guiding and teaching me to be a more pure, more positive soul.

It is the use of my emotional guidance system that signals how close I am, or how far away I am toward alignment with my higher self and with that pure, positive energy.

If I awake angry, I know that I am not closest to that energy and I am not aligned.

If I am grateful, humbled, loving and appreciative, I am in a good place, and I feel aligned.

In closing, this 4m ritual isn't proprietary to me nor is it complicated to start and adopt in your morning routine. As with most everything, it just takes some practice. I highly encourage you to consider creating something that works for you and sets you out on a well-intentioned path to become a more pure, more positive soul.

My daily 4m happens each morning for 15-20 minutes. I can't help but wonder - who wouldn't want to wake up everyday loving oneself, striving to be a better soul, enjoying life, meeting new people, and appreciating all there is, all around? Try it. Get ahead of your day with love, appreciation and alignment and watch what happens. The Best Is Yet To Come.❤️


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