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Love > Fear

The times that we are in now are extraordinary.

It is important to know about the many things that can keep us safe, healthy, and successful. But, what happens in front of our eyes is, all too often, information aimed at keeping us on edge and driven to emotions of fear.

That said, part of my mission with is to boldly set out to influence a revolution. A revolution that is based on choosing the emotion of love more often over fear!

In 1982, I was twelve. I remember those times in school when our drills would take place and we would tuck ourselves underneath our little person desks to practice saving our lives from harm. Thinking back on this, it's laughable to me now as I visualize myself under the desk, head in hands hoping the nuclear bomb doesn't land on my school.

Well, now, at age 52, I don’t duck my head anymore.

Now, I look forward and outward with a vision of peace. I've learned over the years how to open my heart and focus my mind on sharing abundance in an experience, and to care for our fellow human beings, where ever they may reside in this world.

With all that has been happening to our world as a result of this Worldwide Pandemic, Covid-19, my heart goes out to all of the children.

It is important to visualize a world where the children walk upon this planet with love-filled steps and a trust in the adults who are guiding their way.

We need to stop teaching children how to hide under the desk and instead show love sand teach love so that in turn, this guides children to make safe, healthy, and loving choices.

During the 1990s, I was a college student at The Boston Conservatory of Music. In college, students are active; most especially sexually active as they figure out their journey forward as a sexual being.

I recall this quote - “Make your choices based on love, not fear.”

This quote by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was selected to be printed on the back of the condom packs that were provided to students on campus at school.

Even now, all these years later, that had an impact on me because I knew what they were trying to promote. Not only did they want to encourage safe sex, this simple quote placed on the condom wrapper made you pause and think for it was guiding students to make safer choices because they had a respect and love for themselves first and foremost. Even coming out of the 1980s AIDS epidemic, senior leadership at my University wanted to drive a message of love and respect for oneself and each other more than they wanted to promote fear for unwanted pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

They made a choice from the two basic motivating forces in our life (as quoted by John Lennon) and they chose LOVE over FEAR.

Here are some things you could do to begin this transformational shift for yourself:

  • Choose to no longer view the “other” as “other.”

  • Be the place where love shows up.

  • Notice your surroundings and the people in it with appreciation. This may result in being more accepting of people who don’t think, look, or act like you.

  • If you watch or read the news, use it to support your prayer practice. And then spread good news whenever you can.

  • Forgive someone. Feel free to put yourself at the top of your list.

  • Notice when worry or fear creeps into your thinking. Observe the fear, release it as you exhale, and then breathe in love instead. (Repeat if necessary.)

  • Pray, meditate, chant, or sing.

  • Observe and give gratitude when sacred peace envelops you.

  • When fear invades your thinking, move your body. Walk, run, swim, dance, bike, do Nia, yoga or other physical activities that create endorphins from your body’s inner pharmacy. If you move through your day in a wheelchair, take time to get outside and connect your wheels to the earth and breathe in love.

  • Observe your tendency to judge others and gradually lose interest in doing so.

We can all speak and think from a place of fear or from a place of love. “Make your choices based on love, not fear.” We have the choice to shower our world with love or react with fear. I’m choosing love.❤️


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