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It's no surprise to anyone that there seems to be a connection between chocolate and love. Sprinkle in that there's also no surprise about the connection between love and Eureka Springs (hence this blog!) and well ... you've got the makings of a delightful Valentine's Day Weekend for all.

According to a study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, eating something sweet can lead to heightened feelings of romance.

The results from the study, entitled: "Sweet Love: The Effects of Sweet Taste Experience on Romantic Perceptions," showed that sweet taste and romantic perception are entwined. It turns out that our sensory experiences CAN and WILL affect how we view potential partners. Because of this deeply held perception, this study proposes that feelings of love can come from sweets.

"V" Day in Eureka Springs can truly be a magical time for lovers and our Chamber of Commerce brings it all together in a lovely, long-treasured event - The Annual Chocolate Lover's Festival.

That's right, this chocolate bonanza will be featured at Eureka's Annual Festival happening again this year. This event includes candy, fudge, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and a whole lot more.

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Vendors from in and around Eureka Springs will showcase and promote their crafts, products, wares and art, while offering chocolate samples to those in attendance. Everything from organic and household brand names of chocolate, to select boutique labels, this Festival is an immersive chocolate & shopping experience.

This year - 2023 - in conjunction with this year's Festival, The Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce is also bringing back the Eureka Spring's Chocolate Tour!

The Chocolate Tour (which is included in the price of admission to the Chocolate Lover's Festival) whisks you beyond the walls of the Festival.

With your Chocolate Tour Passport in one hand and your better half in the other, you're free to move about town and begin to explore ALL the romance and joy that Eureka Springs has to offer. The tour includes more chocolate samples along with special deals from participating local merchants, galleries, businesses and shopkeepers all throughout town.

Don't miss out on the sweetest event of the year on Saturday, February 11, 2023.


Book your room and get your event tickets now!


Chocolate Lover's Festival in Eureka Springs, Arkansas - February 11, 2023

So, the age-old saying "love is sweet" actually rings true. ❤️


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