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Nordic Inspiration for the Holidays

I'm not entirely sure why this is the case, but when Christmas rolls around each year, my mind tends to whisk me away, far away to Scandinavia.

I think of ways to incorporate stars, gnomes, polka dots with red, whites and creams into our holiday design.

If you’re thinking of decorating your home in a Nordic Christmas theme this year, I decided to deliver ten inspirational images to help create a fun and festive scheme.

Keep in mind that when decorating within a style that is Nordic, you will want to include elements taken straight from nature (stags, for example.) The color palette base should be white or cream with blue, green and red features. Symbols like elves, snowflakes, deer, mountains, birds, candles, angels, firewood, trees, gnomes, sleighs, stars and hearts certainly add to the Nordic theme.

If you have a fireplace with mantel, use it as a focal point.

Believe it or not, some of the most decorative ideas can pop up right in front of you as I've often been able to take items that I already own around the home and repurposing them in a Nordic Holiday sort of way.

Thinking outside the box is as much Scandi tradition as white washed walls, and with Christmas being a very expensive time of the year for most, creativity puts the focus firmly back to the experience and the atmosphere making the holiday season even brighter.

Candles. Ooooh, I love candles.

Look inside your cupboards for inspiration. Small glasses serve as tealight holders for example and when you display them on a beautiful tray, the light will create magical shadows, putting you in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas from Eureka Springs, Arkansas! ❤️


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