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Out With Plan A. Start On Plan B&B.

AirBnB is a marketplace for travelers to book short-term rentals. The rentals extend from apartments to hotels, to homes. AirBnB connects visitors with local hosts.

Visitors are provided a place to stay, and local hosts discover a way of creating an extra stream of income.

In this post, you will learn how to get your very first AirBnB booking, which can certainly lead to more bookings that can eventually provide a solid stream of secondary income for you.

As we begin, take a moment to put yourself in the mindset of the traveler...

Ask yourself this important question: What would you look for in a listing if you were planning a visit to Eureka Springs, AR?

Creating an AirBNB listing that converts to sales

1. The Title

The title of your listing is self-explanatory. It needs to be eye-catching, along with an accurate use of words that potential guests would be using. Guests have already selected, Eureka Springs, so in your title don't bother including that. Instead, include a defining character of your property, for example, the view that it may have. Use all of the characteristics you can in a productive manner that will drive potential guests to click on your listing and want to stay there.

A title like "Crescent view patio suite" would be an ideal selection of powerful description words that generate clicks to your listing.

Once again, this is pretty self-explanatory. If you simply think as if you were looking for a place to stay in Eureka Springs, what kind of title would you want to click on (as it relates to the description of your property.)

2. The Description

Optimizing your listing for booking starts with your description. Your description should, of course, properly detail the residence, bathrooms, bedrooms, amenities and all the other necessities, BUT . . . in a tone that sells. A tone that is, mmmm, say, "elegant."

Here's what I mean:

  • "near bars, lounges, shops and restaurants"


  • "This is the perfect location. Just a ten minute stroll to historic downtown Eureka Springs which offers great local restaurants, lounges and bars buzzing with activity and many unique shops in the center of it all."

Of course, be sure to tailor the description nicely as it pertains to your location.

Also, in the description, consider using bullet points to describe the property versus paragraph format. Once again, here's what I mean:

Paragraph format:

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom suite, kitchen with a microwave, oven, and applicances all included. Located on the 2nd floor, lots of windows for natural lighting, medium-sized living room for friends or family with cable tv. Nice patio outside.

Bullet Point format:

The building:

  • 2nd floor suite with lots of windows and a large patio with views of the Crescent Hotel

  • 2 bedrooms, both with televisions

  • 1 bathroom with shower, bathtub and built-in towel warmer

  • Medium-sized living room with cable tv and wifi

  • Kitchen comes with all the comforts of home including major appliances and a microwave

The Suite:

  • 1st bedroom (200 sq.ft) includes King bed, carpet floors, closet, 2 bedside tables with lamps along with cable tv and wifi.

  • 2nd bedroom (185 sq,ft) includes full sized bed, carpet floors, closet, 1 bedside table with lamp along with cable tv and wifi.

The Kitchen:

  • Fully updated modern kitchen

  • Full appliances and microwave oven

  • Stocked with snacks, juice and water provided complimentary during your stay

  • Pantry

  • Ample counter-space for prepping and cooking in the suite.

As you can see, the more detail provided (in a way that makes it easy for a person to digest) can easily convert to your first booking.

Tip: Don't use ALL CAPS. Using all capital letters is akin to shouting on the internet. There’s no need to use all caps in your Airbnb title in order to make it a catchy one. Instead of attracting more attention, all caps titles are more likely to deter people from booking your rental. Also, listing titles written in all capital letters create an impression that they may be of low quality or a potential scam. Be sure to use a title/sentence case and avoid all caps when composing your Airbnb title.

3. The Pictures

High-quality pictures are highly encouraged. While it's not necessary to go out and get a professional camera or even a professional photographer, it is important to pay attention to a few major details to get the best out of your listing.

Clear the clutter - Make sure that the area you're snapping a picture of is clean, mess/clutter free, inviting and even "staged well" for a photo.

Light up the world - This tip is HUGE and can make all the difference. Open up curtains and let the light inside. Natural lighting is best for these pictures as it shows the guests exactly what it would look like when they're inside. Also, be sure to shoot the pictures from your listing in the earlier part of the day (before noon) when the sun is brightest and highest in the sky.

Hit the money notes - If this listing's view of the Crescent Hotel is so spectacular that you even will include it in the title of the listing, then a killer photo of this view is a must. Also, if the kitchen is fully updated and modern, snap some pics and show it off.

Highlight the neighborhood - Eureka's neighborhoods are utterly charming with hidden nearby treasures like natural springs, hiking trails, lookout points, streaming creeks and staircase after staircase to more adventures. Make sure you include pictures of those spots as it relates to the overall experience of staying there in order to encourage your potential guests to desire staying there and experiencing what you have featured.

4. The Price

Because you're just starting out with AirBnB and you likely have zero reviews, you're going to want to price your place a little LOWER than the competition at first. As a general guideline consider no more than 20% under what others around you are doing. This can be adjusted based on how much the actual cost is for you. You will be able to determine if your price is competitive based off of how soon you get a first booking.

Increase your price as you get more bookings, more reviews and repeat guests.

5. The Final Checklist

After you have successfully completed all four steps listed above, read over your listing. Use this final checklist to ensure that your listing is a winner:

  • Does the title accurately describe the place?

  • Does the title list nearby attractions that can drive prospective guests to book?

  • Would you click this listing based on the title if you were looking to stay at a place in Eureka Springs?

  • Does your description highlight all the features of your place?

  • Did you successfully use bullet point format to make information easier to read along with headings for each bullet list?

  • Are the pictures high quality?

  • Is there natural lighting and does it create a warm, welcoming feeling?

  • Are there exceptional pictures of the neighborhood and nearby attractions?

  • Did you price the listing competitively? (meaning, did you undercut the nearby competition?)

After you have checked each item on this final checklist, you are ready to list with AirBnB and ready for your first booking.

Visit next week to learn what to do after you get a booking.


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