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I never thought that Eureka could look as gloomy as it did during Covid-19.

Bare streets. No visitors.

Shops closed. Locals remained indoors.

No hugs. No dancing.

It was like nothing we have ever experienced in this lifetime. We learned to adapt, to persevere, to contribute, volunteer, and to care for each other.

We were reminded "to love."

Life is short.

My friends, it seems, the C-19 clouds are lifting.

Eureka is entering into a new beginning, a rebirth as it were. Yes! Some shops did close. Some shopkeepers took the pandemic as an opportunity to retire. Some shops just never made it after opening shortly before C-19 hit hard.

New shops have now arrived, new businesses are here, new shopkeepers are invigorated to begin a new chapter, new innkeepers are creating new experiences, new artists and new musicians are bringing new energy.

It's invigorating to see our town come back to life after a period of unexpected silence. It's refreshing to know that many are now vaccinated and we are all hugging again; visiting with each other again. Being with each other again.

I love this town.

Eureka Springs is a place like no other. Even in the darkest of times, there is wonderful silver lining here. This pandemic brought us much heartache as we saw loved ones suffer and pass. Our hearts broke for the loss of their beautiful energy and light.

Eurekans found ways to find love in it all. There was so much giving and receiving, contribution, volunteerism, action, nature, enrichment, and even fun at times. It was surreal.

Now . . . . . .

Eureka is blooming again.

Bikers bike.

Hikers hike.

Gays sway.

Musicians play.

Pilgrims pray.

Artists light.

Writers write.

Foodies dine.

Locals wine.

Lovers swoon.

Singers tune.

We seem to be getting back in action again.

I turned 50 in January 2020!! My family was expecting to visit in May 2020 to celebrate - of course, that never happened as we were all in the throes of C-19.

Here we are one year later, and my family has just departed after a wonderful 10-day trip of love, laughter, and celebration from May 28, 2021 - June 6, 2021.

Through their fresh eyes, Eureka Springs came completely alive for me again.

Please enjoy these wonderful images of love, laughter and gratitude as my beautiful family (from Boston, Massachusetts) enjoys the wonders, magic and culture of our beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The Whole Gang!

Nieces Samantha & Katelyn along with Nephews Joe and Nico at Grotto Spring

Our First Summer BBQ 2021 - All together, at last!

My brother Joe and his kids (l-r) Joe, Katelyn, and Samantha

Breakfast at our fav place - Sweet & Savory!

Eureka Springs Tram Tour!

John-Michael takes a selfie with the fam at Magnetic Spring

...and of course, Kirby, our beloved Chihuahua getting more & more love from niece Katelyn

Eureka is alive and well!

Please come visit. Please come find your joy! We have lots of joy to share.

You are here! Welcome to Eureka Springs!



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