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Short & Sweet ❤️

Have you ever been told that you need to stop being so much of yourself?

Damn! Ouch! This happened to me at one point in my life, and I wondered. Of course I wondered. I wondered a lot. My God, the wonder of that moment and how it took over my mind and how it shaped me.

What was that supposed to mean exactly?

Years later, through prayer, meditation, maturity, connection-with-others . . . I received what might be an answer:

“You’re too pure, you’re too much kindness. You welcome people, you're open, you love and you're empathetic - and, yet, sometimes, they walk all over you - and you let them do so.”

I was right. I discovered what my wonder was all about.

Does this sound like you, too?

If so - here’s to YOU! To every single person out there who thinks that having a really big heart isn’t any good or worse, that having one is doing a disservice to yourself.

Well, I am here to tell you that this is a false premise and you’re wrong.

As much as I really didn't like it, and as much as I wished people would stop hurting me, as much as I hated myself for letting them get to me. I’m not ashamed of having the heart that I have. The contrast life provides for us is what helps us see what we need to thrive.

I’m not ashamed of my huge heart and I wouldn’t like myself any other way.

My Husband Jeff and I #soulmates

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve is bravery, seeing too many perspectives in one situation just to avoid hurting people (even if it totally disagrees with your own feelings and point of views) is compassion. (...ahem, EXACTLY why my career in Corporate Human Resources has been such a fit, I am guessing.)

Why do we try to kill things like this about us? To impress others?

Please, please, I beg of you, let your heart grow huge.

Seriously, HUGE!

I drive my automobile one-hour into my office, and one-hour back home, every day, and this is what I ruminate about:

  • I am the one with the big heart who likes to support and encourage people. I am OK with this.

  • I am the one who thinks of bad situations out of nowhere just to see how would I fix them. I am OK with this.

  • I am the one who likes to help with absolutely nothing in return. I am OK with this.

You do you. Many of us out there live like this and it's working. It's working really well!

Move through life with a HUGE heart and watch what happens. The Best Is Yet To Come!


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