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Silver Lining Lookback

Crystal Bridges | North Forest Lights Exhibit | This is The Memory of Water

With every passing year, there are ups and there are downs. 2020 was no exception however most will agree that overall it was a down year. In the true spirit of this blog, I'd like to take a moment to feature some silver lining in this lookback blog post on the year of years - 2020.

In simple terms, Arkansas is beautiful and life in Eureka Springs is exceptional. Regardless of where you are from, there is beauty in all things if we just take a moment to look for it.

Please enjoy this silver lining lookback from experiences that happened in this part of the world as we unmask 2020.

Sunset - Arkansas Grand Canyon

Cosmic Cavern

Cabin Fever

Eureka Springs - Overhead Music Series 2020

Visiting Devils Den State Park

Arkansas' Pig Trail

Patriotic Eurekans - July 4, 2020

Masked Shoppers

Hiking Pam's Grotto | The Ozark Highland Trail
Quiet. Historic. Beautiful. | June 2020 | "The City That Water Built."

Outside in Nature | Hogscald Hollow

Leading By Example

Overdosed on Kirby-time!

The Buffalo National River in Autumn. Stunning!

Our Backyard Never Forgets What Is Most Important

Move Forward

In most normal years, I'd feel pretty down on myself about missing my goals (both personally and professionally) but looking back over 2020 and seeing things through a different lens, there is a lot of silver lining to be grateful and thankful for.

For many, 2020 was an awful year. From pandemic woes and loss, to inconveniences, virtual learning, travel and holiday disruption, meetings, Dr. appointments, school and well . . . everything! There's the social distancing, the political strife, the massive layoffs, no dancing, no parades or festivals -- the list goes on.

Blaming 2020 has become commonplace but I'd like to credit 2020 for a few things as well - this past year made me shift my perspective. It allowed me to really embrace the outdoors and our State which is shrouded in natural beauty. It allowed me to read and write more, spend more time with Jeff and Kirby, lend a helping hand and support others in need. I took time to meditate more and pray and align with my higher self as well as meaningfully connect with others. Most of all I found the fun in the cracks where I normally would not look for fun. Coming out of 2020, I can say that I certainly do my best to fully embrace each moment the very best that I can. As we all know, tomorrow is not a guarantee.

Most importantly, I think we have all come to realize that life is fragile and our most important achievement has been our ability to adapt and be resilient. Like any project that we undertake, the scope of work and conditions will change, it's how we react that defines success!❤️


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