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Skye High At The Farm!

Congratulations to Skye Pollard and The Family Holler for a wildly successful evening at The Farm in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

On the evening of Saturday, September 10, 2022, things were Skye high at The Farm with the anticipated release of Skye's EP release, Masquerade hosted by Eureka's own, Patti Le Plae Safe. (Rodd Gray)

The crowd brought their campers, RVs, trailers, snacks, drinks and their masks of all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. We're not talking masks to prevent the spread of C-19, we're talking "in disguise" masks.

Yes friends, Skye has released his first EP - Masquerade! Find it here on Spotify and enjoy. It is wonderful and the crowd was graced with a temperate evening with a light breeze, the stunning moon, and a glimpse of Jupiter. Warm enough to be crazy comfortable yet chilly enough to call off the insects into slumber.

Crowding the dancefloor in front of the stage, the party truly took off when Skye took stage at 10pm. It was the perfect evening to come together to celebrate these wonderfully talented local artists.

Opening for Skye and The Family Holler was Dominic B Roy, Chucky Waggs, and Magnolia Brown.

Skye Pollard

Skye Pollard is a singer/songwriter, performer and vocalist based right here in lil'ol'Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Born in Memphis, TN and raised in Cotton Country in the Delta Lands of Rural Eastern Arkansas, Skye was instilled with a deep love and appreciation for the raw emotion in Blues Music and storytelling in Delta Folk and Country, steeping his own music in that energy, drawing from Gospel, Soul, and RnB vocal styles to create a sound all his own.

Performing since the age of 6, Skye spent his teen years and early twenties developing his craft, performing live in various projects locally and in College in Baltimore, Maryland, before returning to his home state of Arkansas.

Upon arriving to Eureka Springs, Skye found a rich and thriving community and quickly became involved with the local music scene - carefully honing his craft, recording his original material, and collaborating with local artists, while continuing to perform solo as a singer/songwriter.

In 2020, Skye began fronting his own band Skye Pollard & Family Holler and are recording their first full-length album in Fall/Winter 2022 and I must say this band is carving out quite a name for themselves with a lively raw mix of blues, Ozark soul and folk.

Skye brought together these funky new sounds with Joe Grogan, Joel Walker, Damian Sisca and Dan Redmond, and they're all basted in blues, dripping in rock’n’roll, smothered in soul with a dollop of honky tonk. These are some true soul food folk.

Some of my personal snaps from this beautiful (highly memorable) evening on September 10, 2022.

Jeff and I lasted until Midnight and then we bounced but as you can see, this party bounced along into the wee wee wee hours of Sunday, September 11, 2022. (schedule below.)

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Skye and The Family Holler throw a killer party!!!!

We ❤️U Skye! Congratulations!

You've hitched your wagon, and now "the Skye's the limit!"


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