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So January

Every January, Eureka Springs transforms into a haven of tranquility.

Don't get me wrong. While some shopkeepers and innkeepers will choose to take vacation and close during this time, the City of Eureka Springs isn't closed in January and many places stay open for business.

It's just that as winter blankets the hillsides, and the volume of visitors lessens, a sense of peace and serenity descends upon our small, tourist town, and the locals eagerly anticipate the magic that becomes "so January."

Here in Eureka Springs, our residents are a close-knit community of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and nature enthusiasts and we embrace January as an opportunity to unwind, recharge and connect.

The slower pace invites us to appreciate the subtle details of our town, from the icicles that form on the rocks, hillsides, and eaves of our Victorian homes to the soft crunch of snow beneath our boots in the silence of falling snow as we take a stroll through the streets of the downtown historic district. (Note: The entire city of Eureka Springs, AR is on the National Register of Historic Places entered into the Register as the Eureka Springs Historic District. Eureka Springs has been selected as one of America's Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.)

As the days grow shorter, Eurekans find joy in connecting with nature - and our hiking trails offer breathtaking views of snow-dusted landscapes. It's very common to see locals taking leisurely walks, their breath visible in the chilly air, as they share stories and laughter with each other in the beauty of their natural surroundings.

My EurekaFam

In this small town, where everyone knows each other by name, January acts as a canvas for local culture to flourish. January in Eureka Springs also becomes a time for strengthening bonds within the community. Neighbors gather for intimate house parties, where the warmth of crackling fireplaces contrasts with the cold outside. The aroma of homemade soups, stews and pies fill the air, and conversations flow as easily as the mulled cider passed among friends. These gatherings foster a sense of unity, turning neighbors into friends and friends into extended family, or as we like to say - My EurekaFam.

"I love January. It's the time of year, when my EurekaFam comes together for house parties, dinner parties, fire pit gatherings and more. Locals connecting with locals is just 'so January' here." ~John-Michael Scurio

The town's vibrant arts scene also takes center stage, with OzMoMu and gallery events creating a tapestry of creativity. Music echoes through the cobblestone streets, and the glow of art studio lights spills onto the sidewalks, inviting passersby to immerse themselves in town's creative spirit.

Cozy cafes and coffee shops invite patrons to linger over a cup of freshly brewed coffee or hot cocoa, encouraging meaningful conversations and the exchange of new ideas for the next eleven months of tourism. Local Tip: In January, artisanal shops, with their handcrafted goods and unique offerings, showcase the talent and creativity of the town's residents with post-holiday sales and unique finds.


As January unfolds in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a sense of gratitude also permeates the air.

Having experienced a successful tourist season, Eurekans embrace a collective sense of thankfulness for the support and camaraderie that both locals and visitors have contributed to the community during the high season months.

Special appreciation events are organized, featuring discounts, complimentary treats, and heartfelt messages of thanks. It becomes a way for business owners to give back to the community that sustains them throughout the year. Eurekans love to share stories of gratitude and appreciation during this time for it is a time for acknowledging the collective effort that goes into maintaining the charm and character of our Eureka Springs.

Gratitude is not just a practice, or a mindset, it's a way of life in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

So, in this idyllic place on Earth, January isn't just another month; it's a celebration of community, culture, and the simple joys of life in a vibrant town that captures the true essence of small-town charm.

Soon, as you reflect on that time you enjoyed together, you too will say to yourself, "I'm glad we did that. It felt "so January."❤️


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