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Swipe Right!

OK, so, tonight I spontaneously googled the words - SWIPE RIGHT - and this is what came up . . .

"God wants you to have amazing sex. There is nothing more powerful on earth than the forces of love, sex, and romance. In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance. So how you can train today for the relationship you want tomorrow? ..."

I don't know what possessed me to google those two words exactly but I did it. I think it came from a TV show that I watched recently on Netflix. But oh, the inspiration. The ability to just google any word and BAM! Sexy results!

That said, in a really twisted way this very sexy google-result got me thinking ... hmmmmm, go ahead, JM, google other stuff and see what comes up.

So, in true iloveureka fashion, I went into a deep-dive on Google about our beloved Eureka Springs and my friends, here are my most favorite three recent searches from my fun searching Google as of 1/30/2021:

1. I Googled >>> eureka springs cabin fever

Here's what I got. Click the pic below. #serenity

2. I Googled >>> eureka springs arkansas winter

Here's what I got. Click the pic below. #magical

3. I Googled >>> eureka springs lakeside

Here's what I got. Click the pic below. #escape


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer


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