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The Joy Pandemic

I hereby challenge the world. <please share>

2020 started off well for most people, yet within weeks, it's changed. With every change, we have the opportunity to focus our thoughts and redirect our choices and actions.

There is a historic pandemic in our world today. Our world is distracted by it. There is also an abundance of love and joy. With that, it is my belief that another pandemic has yet to be truly revealed - and I am calling it - The Joy Pandemic.

It starts now.

With you.

In this post, I intend to give the world something joyful to read about, think about and focus on...

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in our universe. Its fundamental principle: you are a part of the universe. You influence the universe just as it influences your life. Based on Einstein’s working principles; we change our living environment, and the results have control on our impact in this world.

The Law of Attraction allows for infinite joy and it can change your life in every way if you let it. Just like gravity, it is always in effect, always in motion - even in times like these.

You are creating your reality in every moment of every day. You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously.

Since creation never stops - I challenge you to create a virus of joy that is so infectious, it changes the world!

If everyone takes an opportunity to stop for a moment and redirect their thoughts and choices, things will change joyfully and The Joy Pandemic will be infecting others around you, and around them and so on ... for the betterment of the entire world.

Joy will prevail.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you.

Most of the world is currently distracted and mostly focused on the same things right now. The thoughts, choices and actions of others infect us and then cause us to think, choose and do similarly. This challenge is for each of us to take back our control and do everything we can to change our focus in everything that we do. To pursue joy in everything, no matter what happens around us.

When people, society, social media, media/news, government, and life start to pull you in an unfavorable direction, pull yourself back in line with infectious, magnetic energy of The Joy Pandemic.

Stay consciously and intentionally focused on staying infected with joy and love and infecting others around you with joy and love. It sounds easier said than done, especially as things continue to change, but quite simply, here's what I mean:

  • Choose to respond differently to the situations that arise during your day.

  • Choose to think differently.

  • Choose to focus on the things you want more of in your life.

  • Choose to experience more of the things that make you feel good.

The bottom line here, and really the main thing I am suggesting is, despite what is happening around you, choose to deliberately manage your thoughts, feelings and actions; especially as it pulls you from joyful thoughts, feelings and actions happening for many of us in The Joy Pandemic.

This post was inspired by this video taken in Italy just days ago. A seemingly solitary voice begins singing "Canto della Verbena" — "And While Siena Sleeps." Other voices soon join in as the song crescendos...

...and it is here when The Joy Pandemic truly began. People think, choose and do things that bring them joy despite what is going on around them.

The universe is constantly changing and even though things may be getting canceled, or postponed or rescheduled, it doesn't cancel our ability to create joy for ourselves and for others. It is change. Change is constant. Change will happen. Roll with it and stay joyful on your journey.

Andy Ridgway, a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of the West of England in Bristol says, "new research is discovering that the way you think can actually fend off infection and illness."

He goes on to say, "Nobody likes catching a cold. But it seems that we all have a pretty effective weapon that can reduce our chances of getting one – being happy.

In a study published back in 2003, over 300 volunteers in the US were knowingly infected with a virus responsible for the common cold. They were then monitored for symptoms over the next five days. The results were clear. Those with the most positive outlooks on life were three times less likely to develop cold symptoms than those who were the least happy. Other studies have reached similar conclusions."

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn at University of California, San Francisco, has been investigating the influence of our state of mind on our telomeres – the chunks of DNA that act as protective caps at the end of chromosomes.

This means that all of our living experiences, thoughts, words, deeds, and emotions interact to influence our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Telomeres get shorter each time a cell divides and if they get too short, the cells in which they are located no longer divide and so they die. Short telomeres have been associated with everything from heart disease to lung conditions.

But how can the way we think affect our DNA?

For starters, when we’re stressed over long periods of time, levels of the hormone cortisol go up. “We know that higher cortisol dampens down the replenishing action of telomerase,” says Blackburn. The good news is that we can boost our telomerase levels.

In one study Blackburn was involved with, 30 volunteers spent three months at a retreat in Colorado meditating for six hours a day. By the end, levels of telomerase in their cells were one-third higher compared to another group who did not go on the retreat. It is thought that the telomerase boost wasn’t specifically down to meditation – it was more due to the increased sense of well-being the volunteers had.

So ANYTHING that increases the sense of well-being is likely to have the same effect.

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

To simply put, we are all energy. At the very core, energy makes up all that we are. Atoms and molecules are bound together at our basic level holding us together to create a complete human. We harbor energy that may turn positive or negative depending on how we direct our lives.


If you are new to the practice of meditation—your thoughts will drift, and your mind will wander at first. Remember not to be hard on yourself when this happens. This is just part of learning how to meditate. Here’s a simple structure you can use to begin:

  1. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on slowing down your breathing.

  2. Repeat an uplifting word or phrase.

  3. Move into a state of quiet.

  4. Imagine yourself surrounded by a sphere of light.

The regular practice of meditation will help clear your mind of distractions, cleanse your thoughts, and will elevate your vibration and connection with with universe.

Stay positive - our thoughts are connected to our physical health.

Join The Joy Pandemic. As with the Italy video, when we decide to fly high ourselves, we give those around us permission to do the same.

Much love and joy to each and every one of you.

Psst. Pass it along.


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