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Two-Part, Blog-Series | Please Allow Me To Introduce My Selfie!

OK friends, here you have them . . . (trumpets sound) . . . THE best selfie spots in and around our beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

With where we are nestled in the world, Eureka Springs offers a wildly eclectic array of insta-worthy places and if you look closely for them, you’re sure to keep the camera busy when you visit here. Whether you’re shooting sweeping natural vistas, historic locations, quirky surprises or the ever so famous . . . just-look-at-me-selfies, Eureka Springs will not disappoint.

This is me: John-Michael. I moved here with my partner Jeffrey in June 2018 and we absolutely love living here. On a personal level, the title of my blog says it best, "ILovEureka!" ❤️

In thinking up this idea, I really wanted to create a blog-series that would be beneficial to the many visitors that come here scoping out all we have to offer as well as our places to ... ya'know, "just take a selfie."

Well, kiddos, these are my most favorite places to take a selfie. Now, a word to the wise, while many of these selfie spots are right in town, some of the really cool locations are "out there" so don't go trippin'on'yo'self.

Right where Spring and Center streets split and makes a “V” you'll find Eureka Springs’ very own flatiron building; one of the most photographed structures in Arkansas. That’s because Flatiron Flats, as it’s more formally known, is simply stunning to behold — an ornate blend of brick and concrete, with tall windows in the narrow front and wrought-iron balconies on the both sides. Flatiron Flats is home to four luxury suites, with boutique shops on the bottom floor. Spring Street slopes upward, while Center Street slopes downward, making for some very intriguing photo angles. Incidentally, I wrote a whole blog-post about the history of this iconic building here called - Flat? Irony.

This is a good one, and probably sits in the most popular list. A long, steep set of stairs connects North Main and Center streets. In 2015, a group of artists and volunteers painted a swirling, colorful mural on it — based on the combined artwork of two members of the Eureka Springs High School Art Club. The trippy painting covers the entire length of the stairs. Have a seat for a quick and colorful selfie, or get more ambitious and shoot from multiple angles. Click on the title above for more information.

I'm forever creeped out at this place. I won't get into why on this post, but I will explain this . . . when I went to take my "selfies" to use for this blog, this was the first one that came out.

Let it be known that my Android has not taken a B&W pic in years and I didn't change the setting. The energy on these grounds do wild things to technology.

You must visit this grand hotel for yourself to experience the paranormal for this is "The Most Haunted Hotel In America." Sitting atop a hill overlooking downtown, offering views in every direction, The Crescent — which originally opened in 1886 and was restored and reopened in 2000 — sits on 15 acres of manicured gardens with hiking and biking trails that loop throughout.

This ultra-blurry, whited-out selfie happened just after the first, and after I decided to change hands to snap it. I think this one is even creepier. It literally washes out the entire hotel behind me as if something was not OK with my taking this pic. Yep, chills!

Once again, click on the link above to get more information about this place, and even book a room to experience all of this yourself. It is sure to be a trip to remember.

You’ll get the best photo ops if you lodge here, but you can always just stop and dine at SkyBar Gourmet Pizza and snap pics of the rolling, Green Ozark hillsides in between bites and sips.

If your camera does weird "paranormal stuff" like mine did when I shot selfies here, email me - and send me your pics along with your story. I will include them in a future blog-post.

Spring Street at the New Orleans Hotel

Here’s an ideal spot to shoot a few pics and capture the ambience of our quaint, walk-able downtown. I swear, standing in front of it, and looking up, feels like you're right in the heart of The French Quarter, in New Orleans.

This wrought-iron-draped hotel sits amid a cluster of shops and makes for particularly lovely night shots, when the buildings turn their exterior lights on. While you’re here, be sure to snap a few pics in the hotel’s lobby, with its rich wood floors, beautiful rugs and vintage furniture. Book a room here and you'll experience exceptional service, perfect location, and memories galore.

Tip: Wear good shoes. Bring water. "There's hiking!"

About four miles north of downtown, you’ll find this classic roadside attraction that features an array of astounding rock formations. The main point of interest, the giant Pivot Rock, is shaped like an inverted pyramid.

Take a short hike along the pathways, where you’ll find large rock overhangs and other formations, and a natural stone bridge. Climb on (or under) for group shots. Browse the quaint gift shop, too. You will pay a nominal fee to enter this park but parking is free.

This 66-foot-tall ivory modernist statue of Jesus can be seen for miles.

As you walk along the sloped grounds, you’ll find countless cool angles to shoot your selfies. Photograph the statue from a distance or gather family and friends to take pictures of Jesus benevolently hovering behind you. He likes to pose for solo selfies, too, like here, with me!



This is part one in a two-part, blog-series. Please revisit again soon for the next installment of "Please Allow Me To Introduce My Selfie."


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