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Up, Up and Away

A tribute to Woody Barlow

Born Warren E. Barlow II on August 18, 1946, to Warren E. Barlow and Coletha Burks Barlow, Woody spent his growing up years in Olathe, Kansas. On March 10, 2023, from his Beaver Lake home, surrounded by family, Woody embarked on his journey to Heaven, transitioning to the other realm - the afterlife.

In the hills of the beautiful Ozarks, we gather here today, To celebrate a life well-lived, as we bid our Woody away. A man of hidden talents, a heart both pure and strong, His spirit has now taken flight, to where loving angels belong. Mark Twain once wove a tale, of a captain's cosmic quest, To a realm beyond mere mortal hills, where souls find eternal rest. And in that celestial realm, is where our Woody now resides, With talents and virtues to share with angels, his bright soul never hides. Like Captain Stormfield, who raced a comet up above, Woody's journey now begins, his fuel is our love. For in his selflessness and grace, he touched our Earthly hearts, He travels with a full tank of love as this cosmic journey starts. May Mark Twain's words now guide him, as we pay our last tribute, "To arrive at the destination, one must persevere and be resolute." And Woody, dear Woody, may you venture forth with zeal, Your journey on has now begun, we're looking up as we heal. As we mourn his absence here on Earth, let us also rejoice, For Woody's spirit marches on, in each Eurekan voice. His selflessness and talents, forever intertwined, A source of inspiration, eternally in kind.

A poet in his own right, and a handy man with soul, He painted vivid pictures and made bannisters feel whole. With prose that flowed like rivers, his verses soar and fly, Woody's legacy lives in Heaven on Earth and also in Heaven up high. Mark Twain's wisdom carries us, in this bittersweet embrace, As we say farewell to this wonderful man with humility and grace. So we bid adieu to Woody, we will meet again someday, He's jumping clouds and racing comets, up, up and away.



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